Reality Bites


reality_bitesPulled this one off Colarme.


Interesting you should say that – I think you always have to be careful when meeting someone. On the other hand to get anywhere you sometimes have to take risks. I get punished for not taking adequate precautions when I meet strangers for scenes – as I should be. But then if I had always been good I wouldn’t have met Daddy in the first place.

When I was 23 and never been spanked I joined Fetlife and learned about a munchie a few miles from where I live. I talked for ages with a guy before agreeing to meet him. I have to say it was a disappointment with the usual sados and little cliques chatting. But I did go a few times more.

That’s when I met Daddy. Again not what I was looking for – let’s face it and older guy, balding with a scary way about him. But he did invite a group of us back to his place. It all seemed quite safe.

It was scary and exciting, but mostly consisted of chat. Then D got out his collection of canes and taws. One of the girls got giggly and pushed him into it and I could tell he was not impressed. All the same things got exciting when she volunteered to take a few swats.

In the end there were three girls, me and two others, none of us knew each other really or D, we were just those left at the pub from the munchie. It ended up with each of us girls agreeing to six of the best with a leather strap.

It was to be my first ever punishment.

You can imagine the butterflies and seeing a girl bend over for six on the seat of her jeans was mind blowing to me then. She took them well, although she did a bit of dancing around after with her hands grabbing her bum.

The next girl, older than me was a beginner too and she made a fuss. She jumped up at each stroke and yelled before he even hit her. She took so long to take six that I got cold feet. I chickened out and made my excuses.

I hadn’t got two streets when I kicked myself. This had been what I was waiting for and I had blown it. I don’t know how, why or anything but I went back. I felt a fool and by the time I got there the other two girls had gone.

D just looked at me and smirked and I nearly ran away. But then he invited me in and asked me if it was really my first time.

He told me not to piss him about and told me if I was serious I would have to be punished properly. The deal was I could call it off at any point but if I stayed I would take 12 strokes on the bare bottom while bending over the arm of his armchair.

I was soooo scared I nearly wet myself. I was also so shy taking my skirt and knickers off to bend right over with everything on show. He didn’t mess about either. The leather came down with a terrific noise and even bigger sting. I didn’t cry or yell at first, I was too stunned. But by the end of 12 I was crying and yelling.

My bum was red, my face was red but I felt like I had entered a whole new world.

We talked about stuff then – especially what I had thought about, dreamed of and the sort of fantasies I had had. Over the next month I went to see him every week to do a scene. I say a scene, it was mostly totally real when we did it.

First was a school session. God I cried and it really hurt. Then I was a maid. That included some housework and humiliation. We did a medical one at some point and I got my first enema.

We still do scenes but its more than that now, we have a Daddy/daughter mentor thing with real rules and real consequences.

4 Responses to “Reality Bites”

  1. 1 Punisherblues

    i have to ask if that is you in the photo

    • 2 DJ

      Is that who? Who is you?

      I have no idea who it is – it wasn’t linked to the forum from which the snippet was taken if that’s what you’re asking? But it looks ‘real’ doesn’t it?

  2. 3 Harry

    Lucky Daddy. Lucky Daughter. I have the same situation going on with my wife and several off our friends.

  3. safety first especially the first few times presenting my bottom at any time it takes me some time to trust and to be re-assured even now I have had many school scenario’s all sore one’s and sitting down for a few days afterwards I have to be gentle so thanks for this’ It is mostly son daddy I am lucky with.

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