Weekly Round-Up


wr _mdasytVqZz1qzc0pko1_500 wr _mvpj395M0F1suzvb1o1_500 wr 367 wr c205 wr menotdie wr spanking3First can I say thanks to everyone who delurked or otherwise commented last week for LOL (two days). I remember the first ever comment some six years ago now and my first LOL Day when I realised that someone out there had noticed.

Once upon a time I used to run a post announcing the passing of this numerical landmark or that. Believe it or not I even had a post about my 10,000th visitor. It wasn’t long before I would get that in less than a week and now this is often a daily event. So a big thank you to everyone. Incidentally, sometime around teatime (GMT) A Voice in the Corner will (probably) get its 15th million visitor.

In the last six and a bit years I have written several million words, mostly fiction and have gone from knowing no one to marrying a girl I met in this world.

Now on to this last week. I am often inspired by current events when writing but I almost never comment on them directly. It is fortunate then that my recent stories and the one scheduled for tomorrow have no bearing on the real world and are entirely about escapism.

Last week I revisited Steampunk, the wild west and tomorrow is a sci-fi short. I hope to include another before the end of the week. I know I have many lose ends to pick-up: I have had request for Ad Astra and Angela as well as concluding the Sinclair Method. I won’t comment except to say I haven’t forgotten.

Abraham Heights is ongoing (fortunately it is a soap so there is no end point as such) and I have a draft for Severus and yet another epic (which I really should not have started but that damn muse is a beach).

Our pictures this week are from: Abel, Scarlet’s Real Magic, CutiePie, Au Fil des Jours, Acknowledging Imperfection and About Spanking.

4 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. A few times I had to stand looking at the instruments of pain on my poor bottom cheeks number three picture sure takes me back to that time when as a young adult my disciplinarian sure knew what he was doing… Picture five a no no for me not real or right for Corner time experiences I am finding a voice in the corner most interesting reading and the comments sure bring it your input alive for me

  2. 3 Bex

    Looking forward to Severus and the Sinclair Method #exciting! Would love to hear more from Raw too :/)

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