Reality Bites


reality bites otkI dug up another little forum exchange purporting to be true stories. This one is another from Femfirst.

The opening comment discussed the overhearing a spanking of a young waitress at a hotel back in the 1970s and posed the question would anyone get away with it today.

JulieG answered:

It depends what you mean by today, while still a student I worked in a shoe shop as recently as the late 1990s. The lady boss was given to spanking her Saturday girls and anyone else who would accept a spanking in lieu of a wage stoppage. These were private affairs and more or less voluntary but anyone who tells you spankings are a laugh didn’t meet Mrs G.

Thankfully I was only spanked once by her but I have to say it was deserved. I marked up a perfectly good pair of shoes as damaged to get double discount and I got caught. At the time I tried to make light of it but I was pretty well nervous about it.

I got it on the bare bum while across her knee while she bruised my backside with a shoe not dissimilar to the one I tried to misappropriate. I cried like a kid and it hurt to sit down for days afterwards.

My boyfriend of the time thought it was hilarious.

The postscript to this story is that about a month later I borrowed £25 from the till at the close of business on a Saturday. I intended to put it back on the Monday before Mrs G noticed, but by chance I bumped into her on the Sunday morning and found out she was opening up to do a stock take. Out of panic I volunteered to help, hoping to get the money back in the cash box before she checked it. The only trouble was I didn’t have it.

My boyfriend said he would give it to me on one condition… that I accept a spanking from him for being a little thief. Given the alternative I agreed, I think I assumed that he wouldn’t do it too hard and by then I was terrified of Mrs G and her brand of spanking.

On the way to the shop to meet Mrs G it occurred to me that she would already have found out and that I might have let myself in for two spankings, which now I would say I wold have deserved. But I got lucky and not only got the cash back into the Saturday’s take, I got £40 bonus for working the Sunday.

The spanking I got from my boyfriend was quite a palaver and he really made a meal of it. I had to dress in a suspender belt and go and stand in the corner while he teased me. Then although he just used his hand it really hurt and my backside was red raw by the end.

The sex afterwards was good and suffice to say that wasn’t my last spanking.

Was I exploited by Mrs G? I do see what some have said, but I could very well have been sacked or have even been prosecuted. I didn’t have to take a spanking I could just have paid for the shoes and taken a small stoppage in my wages for the time I had wasted.

As it turned out I discovered a sexual side to such adventures.

6 Responses to “Reality Bites”

  1. Well if the bottom shown in the picture is hers Her boyfriend certainly gave her a good spanking even with corner time to tease and prepare her. There are many a story told where this happened in business sections and shop. The old Office spanking come to mind with this too. embarrassment and a sore bottom from the Boss like Mrs G. As I have related before much of fiction did happen in reality there are many of us making comments who know this very well even the memory of such still lingers on

  2. Lovely story, and it seems as it could be true, maybe. I love spanking blogs, they inspire me for my spanking videos. The one I made of the waitress being spanked at the customers table could well have been from that forum.

    Now I want to do a shoe shop, maybe they have a great range of slippers!

    I can make a set up in my studio, and there is a shop of sorts downstairs I could use, but I would love a real shoe shop! Any reader of ‘the voice in the corner’ have a shoe shop in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire area?

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  3. 3 tony

    I know that back in 1966 a high school friend of mine got spanked by her employers wife for screwing up an order. She worked in a lumber yard and wrote up the orders for delivery trucks. Because she wasn’t paying attention and was talking to her friends on the phone she had a delivery sent to the wrong address. The owner was going to fire her on the spot. My friend begged to keep her job. The owners wife stepped in and said she would handle it. She sure did. She took my friend into her office and gave her a good spanking in exchange for keeping her job and a warning that anymore mistakes would me she would be fired on the spot. I don’t have the details of the spanking but my friend said it made her cry and she was sore for a couple of days. I was born a SpankO so you can imagine how this turned on a 17 year old high school boy. I begged to see her butt but she refused.

  4. 4 Jimi

    Unusually this story sounds as if it could be true! It’s a good story nonetheless, although a few details could be filled in.
    However the lack of any sensational details and the fact that the spanking wasn’t ludicrously severe all give it an air of authenticity.

  5. These things do happen nowadays. The world isn’t as universally uptight about spanking as the dialogue would have us believe, especially when you talk about smaller cultures. This kind of thing isn’t likely in a corporation where the entire bureaucratic ladder is present in the office, but in a store or a shop where it’s employees and one or two managers, it’s much more likely. We know this unequivocally because of the rare cases where people are arrested or fired for such activities. Do we really believe that spanking results in arrest or firing and a news article 100% of the time?

    Of course it doesn’t. It all depends on the relationship between the people at the job. I spanked a fellow employee regularly at a department store over a decade ago. After months, she basically said I could only keep spanking her if I dated her. My friend worked at the same store and he became a manager and not only spanked one of his girls, but did so with a plastic strip that was kind of like a belt. She was very candid about it and I was around once when she said to him, “I know you’re gonna give me a whuppin’ anyway.”

    In that same store, two young women of the same age got into something of a play fight that ended with a spanking. The key is that spanking at the workplace is kind of like sex in the workplace. Despite all of the rules against them, we’re human beings and we like to play with each other. I don’t know if a workplace would be as likely to have a spanking “policy” in any official capacity, but I’d actually be surprised if these “freelance” spankings were uncommon. My guess is it’s as frequent as sex in the workplace, but relative to the smaller number of spankos in comparison to those at work who want to get laid.

  6. 6 DJ

    Thanks guys – I never worry too much about how true this stuff is – we can’t know. Safe to assume it all could be true – much of it will be an much more is fantasy. If I printed every story I found in a forum I could fill the pages 20 times over. I do try and pick snippets with a sense of truth – but I can’t vouch for them.

    I think Patron has it right here. I for one have had spanking come up twice at a workplace as an issue… the sky did not fall in on either occasion although one time I took a stupid risk.

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