Weekly Round-Up


!1 wr 2015-11-01-10.02.43-21 !1 wr hall4 !1 wr happy-halloween-spanking !1 wr IMG_3431 !1 wr proper_position_for_a_punishment_spanking_11_spankingthumb !1 wr tumblr_nx5l6j4XI21tk6crdo1_1280Indigo was concerned that ‘my fans’ might have had enough of her. She gently pointed out that last week she had two ‘big posts’ and I only had two small ones and one of those Vintage Sunday. As I explained to her, her offerings weren’t instead of mine and rather helped to fill a hole while I was busy.

Besides I rather liked her Halloween/Samhain post Inviting the Dead and the poem she spent hours trying to find. Christians have rather reduced the Anglo Saxon festival of the days of the dead to one night of parties so it as good to have a reminder of the history of such things.

I think it interesting that the Days of the Dead correspond by beginning of Halloween and end around Remembrance Sunday. As you may know they begin with remembering the recent dead and then the ancient dead and finally the heroic dead… unless you believe that they prolonged the war for this happenstance, then that is what I call synchronicity.

Again I must apologise for not emailing people back – I must be a week behind or more by now. My grown-up email is almost as bad.

I have a new series in the planning stage and I still intend to return to those serials that I have left rather hanging. I will finish them – I mean if I can write magic and finish it then anything is possible.

While on the subject of books – Swish Thwack is selling surprisingly well maybe I should call the sequel Thwack Swish…?

Anyway a quick look in Spankville reveals several lists of new blogs. This one was found on Ronnie’s Blog. I also found the picture of the Lush product Rosie Cheeks on Less Than Three. Indigo uses this and now I know why.

The other pictures this week are from: Abel, Richard Windsor, CutiePie, Cherry Red and About Spanking.

3 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. I love Indigos posts and as you say, they fill out the void of yours perfectly. If she likes Rosy cheeks, I suppose she, like me, uses the lotion You snap the whip and the brand spanking new (pardon the pun) shower cream The Comforter? I believe that spankos dwell amongst the makers of Lush products 😉

  2. I want Indigo to know that she is NOT tiring. And I for one love her posts. To me they are much more than “filling a hole”. They are “as well as posts from”. She has a different look & feel than your posts do, DJ.
    She sounds truly lovely and I’m jealous of the relationship you have with her.
    Please tell her thanks from me for sharing her thoughts and story. And telling on you (albeit just a tiny bit) once in a while. 😉

  3. 3 DJ

    Thank you girls – so say a lot of people – this is a wide church and even Indigo doesn’t dig everything here. But I dig her. 😉 x

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