Vintage Sunday


vin halloween1 vin halloween2 vin halloween3

6 Responses to “Vintage Sunday”

  1. Well done Indigo the pictures of the women naked were excellent and posed great for the spankings.

    • Thank you but DJ does Vintage Sunday – my witches would have been somewhat different to these (very pretty) women. 🙂

  2. 3 Jimi

    The besom broom would make an excellent birch!

  3. excellent vintage I have no doubt brooms and brush handles were used for other disciplinary uses for misbehavior in those times too. so I agree with Jimmi and deborahgifford Thanks for the pictures

  4. 6 Jimi

    I fondly remember finding a small hand besom brush in a Spanish villa we rented.
    We experimented with using it as a birch,(after a thorough wash/soaking) and it was excellent, giving a very good sting. Unfortunately it was very messy and left a lot of bits, and we had to discontinue using it.
    I looked in supermarkets and general shops for one to bring home as a souvenir but to no avail.

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