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Vintage Sunday


The acrid smell of old wood and wax polish assailed her nose and she was immediately transported back. Even the maroon paint rising to shoulder height halfway up the magnolia painted corridor walls hadn’t changed. Amanda smiled affectionately and she straightened herself. Heels and toes, heels and toes; the mantra ran through her mind as […]

Emma sucked in a breath and let it out slowly a few times. The cascade of red hair obscuring her face looked blood-shaded in the first light of dawn and she felt like a vampire returning to its lair. Only her lair already had a Dark Father, no doubt sleeping in the tower above and […]

The Mud Weight


The Mud Weight or A little restraint is good for the girl who has none. It was not her fault just as it was never her fault and, even looking back on it later, there was no other course she could have chosen. It was the lake, all the lake’s fault and the moon, of […]

Our story began here. Katherine and Mary had not moved from their wall time mooning the room for more than half an hour and it was beginning to get to work on their nerves as Alice had intended. “I warned you that from now on I would be completely uncompromising,” Alice sighed. “Yes Ma’am,” Katherine […]

Weekly Round-Up


The 1960s post last week prompted some memories and some general interest. A couple of people have asked about the Man Alive report mention. I did look for this when I wrote the post having seen it sometime ago on either YouTube or the Daily Motion. Sadly these things get culled due to copyright infringements […]

Vintage Sunday


The 1960s was a challenging time for spanking and spanking enthusiasts. Before this decade spanking was seen as a necessary evil, just and yes fun. After the 60s it was sexy and risqué even before people began to realise that spanking and feminism can mix. The Sixties was a time when Black and White met […]

Indian Summer


Time was running out and summer had passed her by. Even the late September reprieve of sunshine felt fragile, as if the lightest breeze would blow it away in favour of autumn. The trees, which like her hair, were a copper brown but there was a dryness to them that reminded her of death and […]

Bridget sighed. Not so much of a sigh but the start of a tear that would fall if she blinked. So she did not blink, even though the computer screen shook and wobbled before her. She traced the keys with her fingers, letting the pads race in between the letters, lingering around the “f” and […]