Weekly Round-Up


11wr c174 11wr heidi-calvert-victoria 11wr instructional-spanking-videos 11wr mission-accomplished 11wr SCHOOLGIRL-CANING-640x360 11wr tumblr_n2noniuYFG1suzehyo1_500A quick in and out this week. Thank you to all those who emailed me with tests after saying my mail box was a bit slow. I definitely have a problem but stuff is getting through for the most part of I am patient.

I still have people to reply to and a couple of titbits slipped in too, so thank for those, you know who you are. I will definitely use your contributions at some point and to everyone else sorry to tease.

Indigo got her own special area last week. I am not sure what she is going to do with it yet but watch this space.

In case you missed it the western feature, Saddle Sore, included a comment about the 1981 movie Cattle Annie and Little Britches, a cowboy film I forgot to mention. There is a spanking in the movie but more to the point the spanking (at least one) actually happened.

I did some research after JS’s comment and the spanking is mentioned in Cattle Annie’s biography and supported by her nephew who is still alive apparently, she having died in 1978. I won’t bore you with various links, but if I can cobble enough together I might do another post.

Cherry Red has a round-up of images and the ones today are taken from: Dallas, Vanilla Spanking, CutiePie, All Things Spanking and About Spanking.

5 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Bottoms are beautiful, all these are.. cane, paddle, hand certainly put different art work on them with different levels of colour and soreness The voice in the corner sure keeps the memories of same especially the bareness of the real but fictional stories. The benefit of such I am beginning to enjoy and at the same time wonder about if one can’t exchange personal experience’s and adult sharing with people of mutual interests I am still a newbie enjoying the voice in the corner but wondering how to connect and share my stories.

  2. I am particularly fond of the first, third, fourth, and fifth pictures. The first appears to occur in a steam room where the girl (no doubt naughty–at least to my mind) is getting a sorely needed spanking on her upthrust bottom. The third allows us to see the aftermath of a girl’s punishment in which she is doing her “cornertime” at the mantle, her punished bottom as well as her contrite face in the mirror visible. The fourth allows us to see the discoloration of the girl’s bottom from a paddle, where the contour of her bottom is perfectly suited for punishment, and the swell of her hips so visible to the viewer. The fifth displays a girl’s taught and athletic body receiving the cane as she is positioned downward in a push-up position, perhaps as a punishment for not properly performing the athletic exercises expected of her and she is then called aside into a special room to receive the cane to help her to learn. Perhaps you do not agree with my interpretations but I at least hope some may find them interesting. cindy2.

    • I agree with your exact sharing on all three pictures very observant of you you describe all three excellently thank you

  3. yay for indigo’s (not literal) corner!

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