Saddle Sore


! True Grit from Mad Magazine cowboy_romance_spanking cowboys play rough cowgirl bare bottomed cowgirl nude cowgirl saddle sore mcklintock!The cartoon at the top of the page had me laughing and prompted me to dig out several other westerner spanking images. Never is the substitution of sex more prevalent than in westerns. In most contexts the caveman brute can only be accepted in movies if the eroticism is treated as comedy. Yet within the genre of westerns the hero can often still spank the girl and raise a flutter.

Where this is true of movies, it goes tenfold for pulp fiction and cowgirl heroines of books right up until the 1960s could expect to get a spanking in every other chapter, such was the insatiable demand for this brand of sex substitution.

I was unable to find an excerpt but one is given to understand that the 1922 novel Saddle Tramp has several spanking scenes, including a bare bottom strapping in the barn. One can only guess at the plot, but apparently spanking is to be found in The Cattle Queen (1936), Lord of the Range, the Marshall and the suggestively named High Hand, to reference just a few.

The source for these claims is an old text file I kept from as far back as the 1990s which was a list of books and movies with spankings or spanking references.

Unfortunately although most movies took up this theme the majority watered down the spanking and few if any early 20th century westerns featured bare bottom spanking. But there were at least two very unusual movies where spanking, it would appear, featured prominently.

One was an early talkie called Cattle Annie, the clip is no longer to be found on Daily Motion. But it shows a very rueful young woman being sent to the barn. She says, “You ain’t gonna whoop me again…?” The stern (but heavily made-up cowboy) replies “I sure am and this time you better get them britches down.”

The other is the even more bizarre Singing Hill (1941) where not only are previous spankings cheerfully discussed but the ‘boss lady’ positively asks for it before being obliged by her butler of all people as can be seen in this clip.

Movies weren’t the only place to find spanking. By the 1950s and 60s spanking was still to be found in TV Westerns. Wagon Train had a couple as did Bat Masterson like the one in this episode called the Brunette Bombshell (1959).

We are told the bestselling erotic spanking novels are in the western genre so it appears that the tradition is not dead.

7 Responses to “Saddle Sore”

  1. 1 Pimpf

    awesome selection 🙂

  2. 2 ffaiirrm

    The cartoon is parodying “True Grit”, which fits both into the classic age of such scenes (1969) but also more recently (the 2010 remake).

  3. 3 Pixiebelle

    Western spankings are my all time favorite. There is just something irresistible about and handsome cowboy with a stern hand 😉

    • 4 Christian

      Spankings in westerns – books as well as movies – are probably better,
      because the men are very much male af the girls very much female, and
      as in the first spanking in Mclintock the spanking is ofren the first step to
      the spanker and spankee getting engaged. It was a time when men were real men and women liked it.

  4. 5 Rollin Hand

    “Spanking romances” like those published by Blushing Books and Stormy Night are among the best sellers in the erotica/western genre. They were all the rage this last summer and continue to be popular.

  5. 6 js666

    The “True Grit” panel is, if anyone didn’t recognize the style, from “Mad” magazine and appeared in a recent reprint of Mort Drucker’s work. (I think I did the original scan.)

    One of the great western spankings was from “The Water Hole”/”The Lost Pueblo” by Zane Grey himself and provided a graphic description, from the spankee’s POV, of the punishment of a spoiled eastern flapper by a young archaeologist who had been tasked (by her father) with “taming” her. It was made into a film in the late 1920’s, though I have no idea if it still exists. There was a post several years ago in “The Spank Statement.”

    The reference to Cattle Annie is interesting. There was a real incident in which Sheriff Ben Tilghman and a deputy arrested the last two members of Bill Doolin’s outlaw gang, a couple of teenaged girls nicknamed Cattle Annie and Little Britches; LB was Jennie Metcalfe and so-called from the then unusual fact that she actually wore pants. The deputy managed to overpower CA at the scene, but LB took off and Tilghman had to chase her down. To subdue her, he had to wallop her on her famous garment. (There’s a photo of them, and LB was strikingly pretty and a bit on the chubby side, which is a good combo for a spankee.)

    The incident was depicted in a 1981 film, “Cattle Annie and Little Britches,” starring Amanda Plummer and Diane Lane, respectively, in the title roles; Burt Lancaster played Doolin and Rod Steiger Tilghman. They changed it around by having CA (Plummer) get the spanking, but it’s a pretty good scene and a bit surprising for the era.

    • 7 DJ

      I remember the 1981 movie – I had no idea it was based upon real events. I wonder if the earlier movie was based upon the same events?

      Thanks everyone for the response here – as ever cowgirls we love ’em 😉

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