Hard Countenances


ct b2 Emma sucked in a breath and let it out slowly a few times. The cascade of red hair obscuring her face looked blood-shaded in the first light of dawn and she felt like a vampire returning to its lair. Only her lair already had a Dark Father, no doubt sleeping in the tower above and she shuddered; the tower in this case being the upstairs bedroom, although the Dark Father was real enough.

Emma’s imagination ran wild for another dozen seconds before she blushed in shame at her dreadful lies. No matter that they had been unspoken and no one could read her thoughts. Well perhaps he could, she amended.

But the man above was neither her true father nor some foul fiend and if he was mad with her then he had a right.

“What time do you call this?” he would ask sternly and she would bite her lip as she dropped her head in shame.

She pictured his broad shoulders and his heavy arms as he rolled up his sleeves. Hard thighs would rush up to meet her as she was tumbled across his lap and it was a certainty that he would quickly bare her bottom.

The spanking would sting a bit before she began to struggle and then it would sting a lot. And it wouldn’t end there, oh no. She shuddered.

The man she sometimes called Daddy would fetch a cane to her and in the morning summon her to his room for a lecture.

“I didn’t mean it,” she would whine, but completely no avail.

Bending now she would present her bare bottom as he placed two or three dozen sharp slices of stick across her tender behind. It would hurt so much and she would cry.

“Please Daddy not the corner,” her lip trembled.

He would hold her then; his great bear-like arms scooping her up to squeeze her with love.

“If you are a good girl you can stand your corner time while I work,” he relents, just a little.

Her eyes blink rapidly as she finds a smile and kisses him.

Oblivious of cliché a cock crowed and she startled. The morning was cold and the dawn was rapidly giving way to day. Why did her keys rattle so loudly and… shit, why did she have to drop them? She paused for a sign of stirring.

The key in the lock was horrid and set her teeth on edge and she winced at every creak as she eased open the door. The foot fall on the stairs was little better and each step was a percussion of sound announcing her homecoming.

Perhaps Daddy would ground her. Now that would be embarrassing, especially on top of a spanking. What if she couldn’t sit down when she got to the office? This was the last time she was ever staying out late with the girls.

The bedroom door creaked appallingly and she closed her eyes as she tip-toed in.

With curtains drawn it was still dark and she fumbled silently as she crept to her side of the bed.

The light was a shock and she jumped.

From the corner of the rom he sat dressed and watching her. He was staring at her over his specs and if glares could kill. She might have even thought that he was the stern Daddy of her story head. It was impossible to meet his eyes and she blurted mumbles of apologies.

“What time do you call this?” he growled and she shuddered.

It was then that she noticed the hairbrush and the way he was rolling up his sleeves just the way she pictured.

“I don’t want to go to the corner,” she muttered sullenly.

Firm thighs rushed up to meet her as she imagined and her bottom was immaculately bared.

“How did you know?” she gasped.

“How did I know what?” he said sharply as his hand made the first impact.

Of course he didn’t know. That spanking had been in her head, “ouch,” where it should have stayed. This one was in her bottom.

“Ooh, I’m sorry Daddy,” she squeaked.

corner bare

5 Responses to “Hard Countenances”

  1. While your stories are totally fiction, never the less I believe there real to a great percent of your readers as I have no doubt this one sure must be to many. I have known many a naughty woman in such a place who have related the actuality of it to me. how they felt before, during and after and yes having to stand with spanked or caned bottom exposed for who ever to admire their handy work. Thanks

    • I agree with Frader and good job again Indigo with the story and the pictures. That is how I was when I was spanked when I was younger especially when I got out of the bathtub every evening.

  2. 4 Anonymous

    The spanker looks so much like Bruce Willis :’D

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