Weekly Round-Up


1wr 5fda16c79580 1wr 363 1wr 11180175-oktoberfest-girls 1wr AboutSpanking1 1wr npp7078017-630x350 1wr SPANKED-640x427 1wr tumblr_nmju8r8BDn1tazvt7o1_500 1wr water-cooler-paddlingThe 1960s post last week prompted some memories and some general interest. A couple of people have asked about the Man Alive report mention. I did look for this when I wrote the post having seen it sometime ago on either YouTube or the Daily Motion. Sadly these things get culled due to copyright infringements and I wrote the exchange largely from memory. If it does resurface I will post the link.

I was sent this lovely cheeky anecdote from the period. Kate (now long retired, she says) used to work as a secretary in an ad agency in the late 1960s. Her boss used to find reasons to give the girls in the office a spank now and again. It was all good fun but remember these were the days of the mini skirt so bending over to touch your toes tended to give everyone a cheap thrill.

One day, my friend Margaret who was often on the receiving end of a smack, decided to play a trick on him by taking her knickers off. So when she bent over she gave him more than he was bargaining on. The joke was on her rather as she got a few extra swats. But there was no malice in it and it was all a bit of fun. I can’t see it happening today sadly, too many lawyers.

At least Margaret didn’t cry. Kia talks about tears in her post over at Acknowledging Imperfection. A thought provoking and intimate look at the realities of getting what you wish for.

Vanilla Spanking has a post on Oh Calcutta and Hair, with a few spanking scenes by some surprising authors.

Also the All Things Spanking reports on a spanking article in the Huffington Post. An actress and writer, a domestic violence survivor herself, writes about pro-spanking and her sexual interests.

It is also worth mentioning that Bonnie is back.

Cherry Red has a round-up of spanking pictures and the ones above are taken from: Yeowch, Spanking Blog, CutiePie, Spanking Blogg, Scarlet’s Real Magic, Less Than Three and About Spanking.

3 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Thanks for the mention- reality is quite the adventure.

  2. 3 Alan

    The second photo shows just how a little thing like the implement lying ready but not obvious adds the story in the photo

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