Here we go around the mulberry bush


1960 domesticwife spanked OTKThe 1960s was a challenging time for spanking and spanking enthusiasts. Before this decade spanking was seen as a necessary evil, just and yes fun. After the 60s it was sexy and risqué even before people began to realise that spanking and feminism can mix.

The Sixties was a time when Black and White met Technicolor, an allegory for a  clash of attitudes if ever there was one.

But during the 1960s it was still too close to home for the mainstream to be comfortable with sex and spanking and only the right wing were still pushing the ‘just but fun’ line in the guise of John Wayne and a few others.

To the youth it was seen as old hat and no swinging girl would freely admit that they were still getting spanked by their old man, married or not. Spanking was order, and order just wasn’t cool.

But still it had its champions and that primeval urge did not just go away. Here are a few snippets from that decade for some flavour.1960 spank

Lady CW speaking to the Women’s Institute in 1966 said, “Mods and Rockers, I see no very great difference between them and the Teddy boys and bobby-soxers. In my day we had flappers, it is all the same. Bad behaviour is bad behaviour, and if I had so indulged in my youth, then I would have had a damn good spanking on my bare behind and I would have deserved it.”

The TV documentary Man Alive took a closer look at the problem. Interviewing some 20-somethings outside a club they asked about ‘the breakdown of society and falling standards of the young.’

“Should you be out so late do you think?” asked an awfully Etonian reporter of a woman in a black and white mini dress.

“I don’t see what’s wrong with it,” she replied in pure Essex.

“Do your parents know you are out?” he persists.

“I am over 21, I can do what I like,” she replied indignantly.

But surely this is a revolution? The upper class reporter is clearly shocked.

Then another woman, over excited by the presence of TV cuts in with, “My old man don’t know I am here.” She laughs.

“Your father?” the reporter asks eagerly, excited perhaps by an implied admission of wrong-doing.

“Me ‘usband,” she cackles, “If he finds out I’ve been to a club while he’s working then I’ll get a good hiding.” She laughs again.

“Well he might find out now,” the reporter says smugly.

“He might,” she laughs.

“Does this disturb you?” the reporter is now sounding concerned.

“Nah, he would only wallop my arse,” she reassures him.

The revolution did not end there however. Such exchanges are hard to imagine today, but the 1960s are as far removed from us now as Elvis was from Edwardian London. Here is a vox pop taken from among young women at the time. This was following a series of much publicised cases of domestic spanking.

1960 OTK in actionI am not sure what recent events triggered it, but at the time there was the Helston case and the Darren Nesbit case, where he got a small fine for spanking his wife.

Q: Do you think it is acceptable to spank women?

Respondent 1: Depends what they have done I suppose.

Q: So you do think there are some times when it is justified?

R 1: Yes, there is nothing wrong with it. I don’t hold with fists and that though.

Q: Where you ever spanked, as an adult I mean?

Respondent 1: Sometimes.

Q: By your husband.

R1: No.

Q: Would you object if he did?

R1: he probably should sometimes, I wouldn’t mind, well you know, if I deserved it.

Q: How old is too old for a woman to get a spanking?

R2: I don’t know really. If she is living at home then it is up to whoever. Least that’s the way it was with us.

Q: But what about married women.

R2: Oh well that’s different, I think a man needs to take charge. Nothing wrong with a spanking to put you in your place.

Q: Has your husband ever spanked you?

R2: Yes, many times

Q: Do you think it is acceptable to spank women?

R3: No never, once a woman is over 21 she should be able to live her own life, not in this day and age.

Q: What about if she is under 21?

R3: If she is married, absolutely not.

Q: What if she is still living at home?

R3: That would depend then I suppose.

There was more of this but most of it was much the same, with opinions being split down the middle.

These Man Alive archives and UK Attitude surveys can be found online, but Google reader throws up dozens of pictures and cartoons from the time that show spanking was very much still around.

I was too young in the 1960s and my awareness was based upon an earlier age of old movies. The subtleties of the great changes that obviously went well beyond spanking was something that a I benefitted from but did not contribute to.

I do remember an interview with a bunny girl at the time who shyly admitted that her husband had spanked her with her father’s approval when he found out she had taken the job. Compare this with Miley Cyrus.

11 Responses to “Here we go around the mulberry bush”

  1. 1 Tony

    I was a teenager in the 60’s. I graduated high school in 1966. I am sure that my dad spanked my mom and I am sure that my uncle spanked my aunt. My mom and aunt are sisters. I heard them talking and my aunt told my mother that Jimmy (my uncle) spanked me good for what we did. My mom answered, I got it too, my butt is still sore. I don’t know what they did but they both got spanked for it.

    • 2 Anonymous

      Is she still alive? Do you dare ask her, if she is?

      Interesting documentation and commentary. I also find it interesting that it was not offensive to use movie promos for scenes that weren’t even shot, let alone in the movie. Seems a bit of false advertising….

    • 3 DJ

      Another age. But sometimes people talk freely and think it is funny.

  2. 4 Svetlana

    This seems really far away. I just love that exchange between the reporter and the woman who’s excited to be on TV.

    • 5 DJ

      I don’t think she thought it through. Although I have known women who have bragged about getting a ‘good hiding’ from their husbands – a frisson of pride is in the mix somewhere.

  3. 6 Jimi

    The first half of the sixties was totally different to the last half. From my memory the change started about 64, coincident with the rise in fame of the Beatles, closely followed by Bob Dylan, and the Wilson Labour Government.
    In the first half CP in schools was commonplace and expected even to the extent of prefects being able to beat juniors. In my memory the change was dramatic and by sixty six society had changed dramatically and has continued to change ever since.
    In the UK at least spanking as erotica really broke cover with the beginnings of Mentor later Janus in the early seventies.
    However a smack on the bum of a young woman was pretty commonplace, I can even remember seeing a local dentist smack his receptionist on the bum when she was bending over to pick up the milk on the doorstep when I was on my way to the station.
    It was a marvellous time to be young and at Uni in though.

    • 7 DJ

      I think you’re right – but changes happened piecemeal depending on where you lived. We are expecting the 1960s round our way and minute now. Lol 😉

  4. 8 clarke12861

    I have been looking for a clip of that Man Alive documentary. No luck can you share it or provide a link? thanks.

    • 9 DJ

      Sorry Clarke, – I am bad at keeping track of these sorts of things.

      I couldn’t find it again either. It really isn’t worth much effort as I recall – it was long stilted documentary well up itself and I just happened to skip to this exchanged. The clip wasn’t save-able I don’t think. But if you do find it send in the link and I’ll post it.

  5. 10 clarke12861

    No worries that’s a pity great footage it would be. I am a child of the 80’s myself. I could be totally wrong but contrary to the popular english theme I reckon spankings were actually more a working class thing – open to correction here but I think the men were more used to being physical. I can recall a few incidents. I think the best one was when I was about 7 and was out shopping with my mum. She looked at her watch and said “Fuck is that time? We better get home quick. Your daddy is gonna’ smack my bum if his dinner is not ready when he gets in isn’t he?”. I don’t think you’d hear that sort of thing now much….

  1. 1

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