The Sinclair Method (part 17)


sinclair17aOur story began here.

It had been a long few of weeks but suddenly it was all coming together. Katherine remembered her father telling her what a mess his unit made of a simple thing like marching in step during his basic training. Then how suddenly one day it all fell into place and how he had a real sense of achievement.

For Katherine and Mary that was how it felt for them now. They could both rise on time in the morning and making the bed and tidying not only their rooms, but the bathroom as well had become second nature to them. Sheets, rugs and sticking hems were all in effortless straight lines and Mary couldn’t remember the last time she had second guessed herself about her wardrobe or her taste.

Not that there hadn’t been some failures along the way. Both women’s bottoms had ached for days following a spanking for some small error or another. Alice had been true to her word on that account and both had suffered prolonged tear-making excursions across her lap for childish slips like elbows on the table, a failing of Mary’s; and forgetting to purchase laundry soap, a careless uncharacteristic oversight of Katherine’s.

It was rare that Mary had got to see Katherine punished so casually and so publically. As the sensible one, Katherine had usually only been treated to epic chastisements or else semi-private ones in either Alice’s or her own room. But twice in the previous weeks Mary had seen the older girl stripped of her slip and panties to be placed across Alice’s lap to be soundly spanked until she was bawling like a kid.

Nor had the disgrace ended there. After all such spankings, even the trivial ones, the miscreant had been sent to the corner in prominent place like the kitchen by the back door and made to stand hands on head for at least an hour with their red bottoms displayed.

Neither was over the knee spankings the worst of it. More serious failings had been corrected with the cane or prison strap and on one occasion they had both been birched raw until they had been lefty unable to sit down for the remainder of the week.

As Alice had promised, both women had become experts in just about every way there was to make a bare bottom the sorest thing imaginable.

All this they reflected upon as they sat comfortably for the first time in days. Due in no small part to their progress they had both been permitted an outing into town and with no pressing reason to return they had sought out Joe’s Bar on the edge of the seedier part of the local community.

The bar was not as down at heel as its immediate surroundings and chrome surfaces competed with glass to reflect a warm gleam on its customers. Also a row of soda fountains gave the premises a respectable look, a move designed to deflect the local law’s interest in teenage customers or more conservative town dwellers from judging ladies like Katherine and Mary too closely.

“I think we are really getting somewhere,” Mary gushed. Adding quickly, “I mean, I know you were always getting somewhere… but I didn’t think that I… well, you know what I mean…”

“I know exactly what you mean,” Katherine said easily and smiled. “And you’re wrong, I had my doubts too, I still do. I mean it is one thing to…” she topped and lowered her voice, “…one thing to take it, another to dish it out as uncompromisingly as Alice does.”

“I know, isn’t she a brick,” Mary said, still gushing.

Katherine suspected a minor crush and smiled indulgently.

“I think we are both going to do fine,” Mary said with uncharacteristic confidence, “Why don’t we have a drink to celebrate?”

“Let’s,” Katherine said breezily and put down the soda, “Beer?”


One beer had led to two and by the third Mary had to burp.

“I think I have had enough,” she said, slurring a little.

“Well it’s…” she consulted a small watch pinned to her tastefully hugging pink sweater. “Oh my gosh… time to go…”

“But it’s only…” Mary swivelled round on the bar stool holding her shapely hips to take in the clock, “Cripes… we’re late…”

Katherine grimaced as she stood up and downed the last of her beer.

“Hey ladies, can I get you another couple?” Joe asked as the two prettiest girls in the joint looked like they were leaving.

“No thank you we both have to get home to Momma,” Katherine quipped and feeling sassy and bold gave him a wink.

“Aw come on, what’s she gonna say?” Joe winked back and chuckled.

“Do you mean before or after she spanks us both?” Katherine said giving Joe another wink.

Mary blanched a little and gave her friend a joshing punch on the arm.

“I can’t believe you just said that,” she gasped. “Don’t tell him.”

“I didn’t,” Katherine sighed, now blushing a little herself, “But you just did.”

Joe’s easy smile, adopted when he thought Katherine was joking, now broke into a wide leery grin.

“I didn’t…” and then she glanced at Joe and blushed, “Oh…”


Katherine and Mary stood dressed only in their bras and stockings as they faced the wall in the kitchen. They had been required to stand not only with their noses and toes touching the wall, but also their knees so that they held a slight crouch position that served to make their bare bottom stick out in a highly undignified way.

Holding the pose at all was a challenge but after 15 minutes it was becoming positively uncomfortable.

“Half drunk and late,” Alice repeated for the third time since they had got back. The exasperation in her voice revealed her disbelief and although neither woman could take their face from the wall to look, both knew their governess well enough to know she was shaking her head.

“Sorry Ma’am,” Katherine said miserably. She could kick herself, she really could. It was such a schoolgirl error.

Mary felt the blood rise in her face and she remembered Joe at the bar. I bet when he pictured them getting a spanking he didn’t imagine this.

“Well sorry don’t cut it sister, not today,” Alice was furious. They had both been so close. “When I calm down a bit I am going to spank you, I mean really spank you. But that will be just to take the edge off so I can get creative.”

“Yes Ma’am,” both disgraced women chorused.

“Team work, I like that,” Alice sighed, and eyed the two bare bottoms side by side, rather like a team hitched to a wagon she mused. “Before I am done you will be yelling in tandem, crying in tandem and…”

“Sorry Ma’am, I know we deserve it,” Mary said miserably, now close to tears.

“Deserve what, the cane, the paddle, the strap?” Alice shot back, “All of them, one after the other?”

“If you think so,” Katherine said woodenly.

“If I think so,” Alice repeated, she wasn’t mad now, they were learning after all. “One thing is certain, by the time I am done these will be the two sorriest most blistered bottoms in the county.”

Katherine swallowed and cursed inwardly yet again. From anyone else’s lips that would have been an exaggeration, but she Katherine knew all too well that this was no idle threat and the county wasn’t in it. She would be very surprised if Mary and her weren’t about to get the sorest bottoms in the state.

To be continued

4 Responses to “The Sinclair Method (part 17)”

  1. 1 Svetlana

    The exchange with the barkeeper is hilarious. I also like the bit at the beginning about self-discipline slowly becoming a habit.

  2. my first reading of Sinclair Method even though it is 17 gives me a flavour of spanking that is known to me with corner time and humiliation of displaying bare bottoms to the one carrying out the discipline. yes, a good lead into me reading previous The Sinclair Method. just to familiarize interest in spanking of bare bottoms and the forms such took in different chapters.

  3. It must have been a sight to see these two get their just deserts in the end, and that’s exactly what they received. Humiliation is such an important component as well. And the cane and the prison strap and birch…well those sound mighty interesting as well. Also, DJ, great picture on the top, and the shadows enhance the image.

  4. I like everyonesreplies and the picture too.

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