Weekly Round-Up


z 005-630x350 z 13-640x446 z betty_paddles_veronica_via_spankingblog z birthday-1024x1003 z luaidmKswm1r3tf6do1_500 z red-rover-red-buns z riccardo-lanfranchi-bodyscape-05 z spanking-free-640x448 z27c9 z359 zc397 zinstructional-spanking-videos zsms1Rain, rain, go away, come again another day… What looked like a promising Indian summer has been unceremoniously washed away in an October downpour. More on Indian summers later maybe…

Speaking of short stories and novellas, and we weren’t, LSF have released another collection of mine; a collection of previously released novellas in case you missed the plug last week.

This week’s round-up is picture heavy but it is worth mentioning articles on theatrical spankings included on the Spank Statement and Vanilla Spanking, see the photographs above. Ronnie Soul also has a round-up of new blogs.

Other pictures are from: Dallas, AAA, Yeowch, Scarlet’s Real Magic, Richard Windsor, Acknowledging Imperfection, CutiePie, Devlin O’Neil, Chicago Spanking Review, All Things Spanking, Spanking Blogg and About Spanking.

7 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. oh you sure know how to pick your pictures beautiful bottoms, totally ever so unique each one all spanked and spankable . probably some too small for the paddle so a spanking is a spanking for them. That friend or sister who is watching and laughing at her poor bottom being strapped. I bet the one receiving was thinking the same. The cane, paddle strap and the hand certainly left an imprint on such beautiful bottoms Thanks for the memories.

  2. I do not like spankings being administered that close to a railing on the second floor. That’s just me.
    I’ve always though of Betty and Veronica the other way around. Again, that’s just me.

    • 3 DJ

      Betty and Veronica are beyond my ken – must be an American thing – but Chicago SR – where I lifted it – said much the same thing.

      • From the Archie comics.
        Remember the song “Sugar Sugar”. They were actually cartoons singing.

    • I would agree with you a second floor drop especially with a red and sore bottom could be embarrassin to say the least of it bit could also be fatal good observation. but I am sure scene was natural and safe for the two

  3. 6 Tony

    I would love to know the details of the lady walking down the sidewalk with other people in plain sight with her dress up and her red bottom showing. In what country is public nudity like that allowed.

    • nice observation Tony: I did not cop that but wondered how brave she was even to show of her not so reddened bottom cheeks in public. I would certainly have given her something to show off: on 2nd thoughts maybe I would not let her because she would be too sore even to think about it

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