Romance and Mentoring


tears without a frowndjb-box3_200LSF have published another of their box sets. This time you have the opportunity to buy four novellas for less than the price of one. Two are recent romances and two have more have a mentoring theme. All are M/F scenarios but so are more intense than others.

The Semester of Standing for Supper, for instance, is set in a college where Spankmanship is on an English country estate and explores a sub-Dom marriage on the fringes of a kind of BDSM community.

Tamed by the Cossack and The Sheikh, are both classic fish-out-of-water romances with OTK spanking.

Here is the publishers blurb:

With over 100,000 words this box set features a further 4 spanking fiction novellas by DJ Black at a specially discounted price:

Tamed by the Cossack: The tempestuous Princess Sofia disobeys her father, Prince Molotov, and ventures out into the snow-covered forest where she gets stranded. When woodsman, Ivan Ivanov, comes to her rescue her subsequent rudeness results in a spanking. However, that is the least of her problems as the weather has turned and, unable to return home, Sofia has to spend the next few months in Ivan’s hut, where she is subject to his discipline. So begins her relationship with this man of lowly rank, and an unspoken love develops between them. But when Spring arrives she is escorted home, where her father, disgruntled by her now tarnished reputation, marries her off to an ageing Count. However, unexpected events occur and Sophia is taken captive. Who will save her now…?

The Sheikh & the Discipline of the Desert: Journalist Megan will go to any lengths for a story, which is how she finds herself driving through blistering heat with the intelligent and handsome Ahmed – who also happens to be Sheikh Ahmed, an Arabian prince. It isn’t long before Megan disobeys orders and earns herself a spanking. As time passes, the feisty reporter (who manages to get herself into one scrape after another) and the Arabian Prince fall in love. However, their respective cultures are vastly different and there seems to be little chance of a permanent relationship, especially given the disapproval of Ahmed’s grandfather. But maybe love will find a way…?

Spankmanship: Newly married to Gerald, Sylvia lives a life of luxury – yet she is bored. However, as she learns more about the household, she discovers that the housekeeper has a predilection for corporal punishment, and that the household staff are birched, caned and strapped. Before long, Sylvia feels the cane on her own bottom. When Gerald returns home he decides it is time for his wife to learn his rules, and over time, Sylvia learns to submit to him. She also learns that her husband is obsessed by all things spanking. Gerald has long hoped and prayed that his spoilt wife would awaken to his world … and he is not disappointed.

The Semester of Standing for Supper: Clyburn is a New England women’s college with a proud tradition of firm discipline. Hilary’s grades have been slipping and her tutor takes her to task when they next meet in his office, indicating his disappointment with two rounds of his infamous wooden paddle, topped off with the cane. Alas, there is a far more humiliating ordeal ahead for Hilary. She ends up being debagged, a quaint term for what amounts to a very public correction, and must spend the entire week with her bottom uncovered. Such is life at Clyburn, an establishment in which so many butts are blistered and their owners remain standing for supper.

If so inclined, get it here.

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