A Sisterly Pledge


sor four soro girls soro sore soro three sorority1952 delta epsilonIt is that time of year when all good American college girls are pledging to their sororities. Many new sisters are going through a signature ritual where each girl gets a swat from each potential big sister.

Judging from the pictures above it is a time-honoured ritual and one much elaborated upon by fantasists. Not sure which, if any are real, but my thanks for Tony and his ‘granddaughter’ for some recent insight.

More on this as the pledging season develops.

6 Responses to “A Sisterly Pledge”

  1. 1 tony

    Thank you DJ for acknowledging me.

    In her sophomore year at college Linda joined a sorority. About the same time the book 50 Shades of Gray was making the rounds. I saw Linda reading the book. I also noticed that Linda had a key chain that is in the shape of a sorority paddle and it has the Greek letters on it. That was when I came out so to speak and confessed to Linda that I am a SpankO. She didn’t bat an eye. She didn’t think it is weird or anything. The 50 Shades book was a big help. Of course with my constant badgering Linda told me that they really get paddled. Forget those pictures that DJ posted above. Linda’s sorority does not paddle bare bottom EVER. At least she has never been a part of or witnessed a bare bottom paddling. They get paddled for what is called house keeping and breaking house rules and autograph night and hell night. Linda is a big sister this year and her little sister has already been paddled on autograph night. All the pledges got 8 swats. Just this past Saturday all the pledges got 5 swats for poor house keeping.

    I will end by saying that sorority paddling is alive and well, at least in Linda’s sorority.

  2. a swat these beautiful bottoms sure look as if there are many older sister to swat their cheeks and welcome them into Sorority sister hood. It sure is a great start to education knowing you are part of discipline senior sister to make sure you keep your pledge.. a sore painful bottom if you fail in your endeavours good beginnings with sore beautiful red cheeks of all shapes and sizes

  3. I agree with Tony and Frader,s replies and another job well doneDJ and also love how they are naked before getting spanked.

    • nice bottom’s for a good spanking being totally naked is not always necessary folding up what ever so it does not get in the way of the hand or strap or whatever beating instrument for corporal punishment nice to know my comments are acknowledged

  4. 6 Tony

    I just learned that Linda’s little sister is no longer in the sorority. She just didn’t have the ability to follow the rules and do the cleaning duties that are assigned to all the pledges. This was not hazing cleaning duties. This was just normal vacuuming and general cleaning. It was decided that she wouldn’t be paddled to try to correct her lack of responsibility. She knew that she would be voted out so she resigned. Being a sorority sister is more than being a party animal. I’m sorry to say I won’t be getting anymore stories from Linda.

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