Weekly Round-Up


1wr 005-630x350 1wr 008 1wr 13135_017 1wr phantom_fantomen_spanks_pera_panel_2_mattias_mod_by_pablo 1wr RULER-SPANKING-640x448 1wr spanked-by-three-girls 1wr Their-Double-Spanking 1wr tumblr_nu2200L24l1u3gxuzo1_500 1wr tumblr_nv8lmxAOZY1r3bw1bo1_12801wr CutieSpankee2 (1)1wr thrashed-bottom-300x225Did you spot the deliberate mistake yesterday? Two Vintage Sunday’s in one day. Double your money. Sorry for the confusion, I forgot that I had queued it up during the week before I posted again yesterday.

A few interesting little snippets have come my way and thank you to all those who emailed me this week with suggestions and info. I will respond, if I haven’t already in due course.

The big news is that Pixie Amber Wells has suddenly closed her blog for personal reasons. One presumes that she has retired from movies too. I hope that this is for positive reasons and not because of some hostile reason. We wish her luck.

Indigo is up and running with an independent online identity and I hope to expand upon that in the future.

I also noticed that Kia Sera of Acknowledging Imperfection has a story published, congratulations.

I nearly bought and downloaded a spanking story the other day; my first in ages. But I read the sample. Could there be any more whack, whack, whacks in lieu of a character and description? I loved the theme and the fact that it had several 5 star ratings, but… oh well. Luckily I have a queue of shorts to be read and by much better authors.

Cherry Red has another round-up of galleries.

The pictures this week are from: Real Spanking, Abel, the Spanking Blog, Spanking Blogg, Spanking Starlets, Scarlet’s Real Magic, CutiePie, Chicago Spanking Review, AAA, and About Spankings.

5 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 richard

    Did not moon watching the one in the shy Your bride is a good writer with insight from the other end of the stick very to us on this end thats all for now except sorry pixie is leaving well much enjoyed her moon for years as a spanko from the ozarks

  2. The 7th photo from the top is from the Shadow Lane video “Department Store Discipline” starring Amelia Rutherford, Samantha Grace and Steve Fuller. In that scene, both girls got tipsy at the company Christmas Party, so Mr. Fuller has taken them to an upstairs bedroom for an impromptu paddling.

  3. I agree with Tony and Richard and loved the naked pictures of the woman.

  4. Thanks for the plug! Encouragement, and particularly your encouragement, is much appreciated 🙂

  5. No Pixie!! NO!!! Don’t leave us, I love you!!!!

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