Friends Like These


ct corner blondect college friends_mdThe noise from the street seemed close, but it could have been worse. The old block of flats was up a side street and they were three floors up with only one level above them.

The young woman danced before her three friends in some consternation as she trawled her air-headed brain for an excuse.

“Yeah, I know, I know but…” Kimberly blustered as she batted down the air in agitation. She was willowy long-haired blonde who always had an answer to everything, “But come on guys…”

Sarah cocked her head to one side and made a face of mock sympathy, rolling her bottom lip down. She was little Miss Sensible most of the time, a head shorter than Kimberly and raven haired. At 24 she was a year younger, but far less impulsive.

“I had to,” Annie put in eagerly, “Last month I mean.” The 23-year-old suddenly wished she hadn’t said that and she blushed.

“But Greg wasn’t here then… I mean, it was just us,” Kimberly gasped as she squirmed in the middle of the room. She even eyed the door.

Greg grinned and a made a slow roll of his head to stare at Annie. “You never told me that,” he laughed. His new girlfriend was full of surprises. Like the strange arrangement she had with her flatmates.

Annie shrugged and shifted uncomfortably on the sofa.

Greg wasn’t sure he believed any of this. Sure Annie had told him about the strange arrangement the girls had to enforce flat discipline. About how Sarah had been getting spanked at home right up until she left home after college. How Sarah had convinced them that none of them were too old for a bare bottom spanking and some corner time. But when pressed she had said ‘it’s no big deal’ and had been somewhat vague.

“So no one actually gets spanked?” he had asked, “It’s like a threat or a kind of a joke?” Grinning, his train of thought was broken by a still protesting Kimberly.

“But what about Rachel?” she whined, now looking like a cornered mouse among Cheshire cats.

“We’re waiting for Rachel to get home,” Sarah said smugly and grinned.

“Look you can’t do this,” Kimberly stamped her foot and made her best assertive face.

“Oh we can,” Sarah said archly as her eyes became fierce and began staring her friend down.

“Look you agreed, we all did,” Annie remonstrated. “Like me last month,” she added shyly and risked a side-glance at Greg.

“Look,” Kimberly tried again to assert herself, “I’m older than you, and… and… so is Rachel…” and failed.

“Kimberly Jane Coleman, you agreed to the arrangement and you messed up. Now you’re going to get those jeans down and you are going to stand in the corner until Rachel gets home,” Sarah stood up as she spoke and fixed the older woman with a hard stare.

Kimberly allowed her mouth to drop open and rolled her eyes. “Not with him here,” she said with a pout.

Greg stood up and reached for his coat. “Maybe I had better go to the pub,” he said gently.

He wasn’t a big guy, only half a head taller than Kimberly, but he was stocky like a bulldog and always looked more at home in a rugger shirt than the blue business one he now wore.

“No, no Greg you aren’t. Kimberly knows that our arrangement calls for no one getting inconvenienced when one of us have to be punished for screwing up,” Sarah said sharply as she glared at Kimberly.

“It is alright for you to say… you haven’t been spanked yet,” Kimberly muttered sullenly.

“Maybe that’s because I got all of mine at home before I moved in,” Sarah replied, her eyes narrowing.

“I’m tired of hearing about your weirdo family and how you were spanked and sent to the corner. I mean who gets spanked at over 21 for God’s sake?” Kimberly complained and rolled her eyes again.

“We do,” Annie winced and found the courage to look at Greg. He nodded. “I mean when we have it coming. You agreed Kimberly, we all did, and you know it.”

“Fine,” Kimberly spat, “Fine,” she repeated and turned around to fumble with her jeans.

The front door opening announced the arrival of Rachel and Sarah fixed a determined a gaze on a spot on the carpet as if steeling herself for a confrontation. By the time the other 25-year-old entered the room Kimberly’s jeans and knickers were already a puddle at her ankles and her hands were firmly on her head.

“Oh,” Rachel gasped as she stopped in her tracks. “Is this about the dishwasher?” she asked nervously.

“I’m afraid so,” Sarah agreed in a voice dripping with regret.

Annie thought she was overdoing it and smirked.

Rachel looked at Kimberly’s displayed bare bottom and crinkled her nose. “Whoops.”

“I think you need to join her, don’t you?” Sarah said, her mouth a determined line.

“But what about…?” she flicked an embarrassed glance at Greg.

Sarah shrugged.

“Shit,” Rachel muttered and then crossed the room towards the humiliated Kimberly. “Looks like the kids have us bang to rights,” she added as she undid her work trousers and slid them down to her knees.

“It’s alright for you,” Kimberly muttered in annoyance.

“Oh that’s right,” Rachel chuckled, “Your first time.”

Then without further ado she lowered her underwear and put her hands on her head too.

“Enjoying the show Greg,” she called out over her shoulder.

“Oh yeah, Greg chuckled and sat back.

“Now we have an interesting situation here,” Sarah said in a voice reminiscent of a cat with cream and a small smile danced on her lips as she regarded the two bare bottoms waiting in the corner.

Rachel made a pout and blushing she looked back wondering what was coming next.

“Wellllll,” Sarah drawled, “As you know our arrangement says that the oldest in our little family not getting punished gets to spank those girls that are…”

“So that’s you then,” Annie said quickly, “I’m not doing it, I mean… I couldn’t that’s all.”

Annie was the youngest and despite her confusion over Sarah’s unusual plan, it at least had the advantage of being simple; for Annie anyway. Behave no problem. Don’t, and one of the others would spank her.

It had been a shock that first time and Rachel had done the honours. It had hurt and she had been so embarrassed; especially as they had sent her to the corner with a red bottom for the duration of two whole movies. But there was a kind of clarity in it and she saw what Sarah meant.

“No I get that,” Sarah said patiently, “But strictly speaking, well I’m not the oldest now.” Sarah sucked in her cheeks and let the idea resonate.

“Now hold on,” Kimberly wailed from the corner, she had already guessed what was coming next.

“You mean Greg,” Annie gasped.

Sarah grinned.

“Seems fair,” Rachel muttered. She wasn’t thrilled by the idea, but somehow the idea of being spanked by a man rather than Sarah wasn’t so bad.

Greg gaped and sat up, the grin disappearing from his face.

“See it is agreed,” Sarah giggled and folded her arms in satisfaction.

“Look I don’t think…” Greg began.

“No way,” Kimberly spluttered, her face was bright pink.

“Shut up you,” Sarah snarled.


Sarah extended her arm offering Greg the hairbrush like it was a trophy. Rachel was sprawled across his lap and trying to laugh it off. Although the truth was the man’s thighs felt solid and having one’ bottom bare just an arm-length away was unsettling.

“I see,” Greg nodded as he took it.

“Spank hard, I mean hard,” Sarah said, “Let’s see what you’re made of.”

Greg looked at Annie who shrugged and after studying Rachel’s vulnerable bottom as if it were a curio nodded.

“Yeah, let’s see what you’re made,” Rachel teased.

Greg spanked her. The swat was harder than he meant and Rachel went cross-eyed and she stiffened like an ironing board across his lap.

“That’s it,” Sarah chuckled, “Maybe a bit harder though.”

“Wh..” Rachel began, but her words were robbed as Greg duly obliged.

“What am I made of Rach?” Greg asked.

“Jeez,” she hissed as he spanked her again. “Okay, okay… I…ah… ow, I get itttt.”

It didn’t take long for Rachel’s bottom to get red and Sarah noticed small ridges of welts rising where the white skin met the torment area.

“That’s good, keep going,” she urged.

“Sarah,” Rachel yelled.

“Yes?” Sarah leaned in close and pulled Rachel’s face towards her.

The girl’s eyes were watery and she was mouth-breathing. “I’m just saying, it hurts that’s all.” She sounded sullen.

“Let me handle this,” Greg said sharply and resumed the spanking.

“I’ve created a monster,” Sarah giggled.

Greg had no idea how long or hard to spank, but he took his cue from the girls who were looking on with fascination rather than horror. He would spank Rachel until she was good and sorry or until Annie began to look troubled by his attention to her friend’s bare bottom.

Sorry was a long time coming and neither of her flatmates looked at all troubled. The problem for Rachel was her pride and her competitive nature. She didn’t mind losing, but she wasn’t going to give in.

It was 10 minutes before Rachel’s laboured breathing became strained and her occasional yelps became so that they greeted every spank and she began to cry.

“You’re done,” he said at last and let her up.

Rachel was wet-faced and utterly miserable, but there were no hard feelings as she jumped up and down massaging her rear.

“Thanks,” she said sarcastically, “I’ll eat standing up for a week.”

“Nah, just a day or two,” Sarah giggled.

“Now for Kimberly,” Greg said, crooking his finger.

“You’re enjoying this way too much,” Kimberly moaned.

“Isn’t he just,” Sarah grinned, “Me too, are you enjoying this Annie?”

Annie bit her thumb to stop an open laugh.

“Not too hard please,” Kimberly said in a worried voice as she submitted and flopped down over Greg’s lap. Then she gasped, “Hey what’s that?”

“Sorry,” Greg said sheepishly as he surveyed Kimberly’s super model curves. His eyes sought out Annie’s, who shrugged indifferently.

“Why does she get all the fun?” Rachel said ruefully from her position back facing the wall. She had already felt an early sample of Greg’s appreciation.

“You can have some more fun if you like,” Greg said.

Rachel rolled her eyes and made an exaggerated attempt at standing to attention facing the wall. “No thanks.”

“Now is everybody ready?” Greg asked.

There was a click in Kimberly’s throat as she swallowed something down and tensed-up.

“Oh I think so,” Sarah said brightly.

Annie bit her lip and made a wincey face.

The hairbrush gained an over the top yell from Kimberly as it cracked down on her bottom and she kicked up her heels. Getting neither resistance nor comment from the spanked girl, Greg struck her again and she yelled.

“It doesn’t hurt that much,” Sarah sighed.

Greg gave a lie to that and spanked Kimberly again.

This time she hissed and crossed her ankles as she rode the first true wave of pain.

“And we have lift off,” Sarah said excitedly.

“Oh God,” Kimberly gasped as Greg began spanking her for real.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” Kimberly squealed as she kicked her legs theatrically under the volley of spanks. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she repeated breathlessly.

“What exactly did she do anyway?” Greg asked belatedly.

Sarah was impressed at the way he didn’t miss a swat, which continued to land on target at three or four second intervals.

“They were both supposed to empty and refill the dishwasher,” she told him.

“But they forgot and to cover their tracks they rushed it and someone forgot to scrub the big pans and someone overfilled the whole damn thing…” Annie added sounding annoyed.

“And now we have a blocked up dishwasher,” Sarah finished for her before Annie got too colourful in her choice of words.

“You know I left it with Kim to do,” Rachel said sullenly from the wall and pouted.

“No excuse,” Sarah rolled her eyes.

“Ow, okay now,” Kimberly shrieked, as she squirmed under the spanking.

Greg looked at Sarah who answered him with a small shake of her head.

Kimberly sniffed and slapped at the edge of the chair. She was no longer plying them with crocodile tears and very real ones began to overwhelm her.

The spanking lasted for a good few minutes more before Kimberly sagged and began to cry in earnest surrender.

“I think we are done,” Greg said letting her up.

Annie looked at him in awe and even Sarah was nodding slowly in admiration. But nether expression matched that of Kimberly who now stood heedless of her pubic display and both hands clamped to her bum. Through two very moist eyes she regarded the man with horrified wonder.

“Face the wall,” Sarah ordered the sorry looking Kimberly and she was obeyed. “I think a nice long stretch of corner time is required today; after all I think Greg deserves a leisurely eyeful for all his efforts and I know two little brats who could use the embarrassment.”

Annie grinned and nodded in agreement as she plonked down next to Greg and took his arm. For some reason her tummy tingled in excitement and she wondered if she wouldn’t mind being spanked by him too much when her turn came again.


The two girls were kept in corner time purgatory so long that their three guardians got bored and moved into the kitchen to make coffee.

“Oh come on,” Rachel muttered and stamped her foot, this was getting more than just embarrassing. She cast her eyes left for any sign that her partner in punishment was up for a rebellion.

Kimberly was still cowed and stood quietly with her eyes glued to the wall in front of her. Rachel had to hand it to Greg, he knew who to take a girl down a peg. He and Sarah were a formidable pair of disciplinarians. Rachel could almost admire them.

Then she smelled the toast and smile erupted on her face. With no one looking she crouched down and fumbled for the zippo in her trouser pocket puddled at her ankles. Then she swivelled her gaze to the fire sensor an arm’s length away and with a flick of her thumb ran a flame under the plastic cover just enough to scorch it.

The alarm was the piercing kind that wailed low and then went high; mostly though it was loud, ear killingly loud.

“Turn it off,” Annie yelled covering her ears.

“What started it?” Sarah screamed back now running from room to room doing a hasty check.

“It’s not the toast,” Greg shouted as he pulled it from the grill and shut it off.

Sarah found the sensor and sniffed. The melted plastic was foul but it was obvious what had happened. The trouble was now the unit was damaged and the digital shut down ignored her frantic fingers.

“I can’t shut it off,” she yelled, glaring at Rachel in an accusation.

Rachel tipped her head back and feigned innocence, but a tiny smirk betrayed her.

“We have to get out until it shuts off,” Greg bellowed, his hands pressed to his ears.

Annie was already out the door and Sarah nodded in agreement.

“You two, come with us,” she yelled at the two miscreants, adding angrily, “Leave those knickers down, you don’t get off that easily.”

Once outside the five siren-evicted 20-somethings had to go a flight down before the noise was bearable.

“It is okay, there’s no fire,” Sarah yelled to anyone who might have come out of their flat.

She was joined by Annie and Greg at the foot of the second flight while Kimberly and Rachel struggled with their disarray on the landing and hoped against all hope that no one came out and saw them half naked.

“Looks like no one else is home yet,” Annie said, “What happened?”

“They happened,” Sarah said angrily nodding at the two girls standing on the stairs above with their jeans still at their ankles looking sheepishly down at them.

“I didn’t do anything,” Kimberly wailed.

“Can we get dressed?” Rachel asked.

“No, face the wall,” Sarah barked.

A miserable looking Kimberly obeyed and turned around to put her hands back on her head in the corner.

“Oh come on,” Rachel protested.

“You, I know what you did, just you wait, now you can stand down here,” Sarah barked.

“B-but if someone comes home…” Rachel said in a whiney voice.

“You should have thought of that,” Sarah scolded her.

Greg looked pensively up at the flat and sighed. Reaching for his mobile phone he smiled sardonically. “Looks like it’s not shutting off, what’s the landlord’s number?”

“Ooh, do you think he’ll get here before the rest of the house does?” Annie giggled.

Her eyes glanced to the now mortified Rachel standing at the wall with her bare and well-spanked bottom displayed to the stairwell.

“Who knows? But at least he will get an eyeful in any case,” Sarah giggled.

“Oh Jesus,” Rachel groaned, “Shit, shit, shit…”

“Serves you right and don’t think that’s the last of it,” Sarah said sharply.

10 Responses to “Friends Like These”

  1. oh what memories this story brings to my mind and I like it very much many a week-end this was norm in the house I shared. almost identical as we all were the culprits from time to time even some week-ends all of us would have found a reason to be stood in the corner with pants knickers down. yes it sure brought back painful at the time because we really thrashed each other bare bottoms for sure. when we thought we were only playing at it the cane used to come out

  2. 2 Tony

    Great story, of course I would make one change. I would exchange the hairbrush for a sorority paddle. One of those young ladies surely would have a sorority paddle handy that was left over from her days as a pledge.

    • 3 Svetlana

      Yes, but then that hilarious “Hey, what’s that?” moment would probably have been cut.

      • 4 DJ

        Actually I gave it a British setting – not that it is important to the story and is only hinted at by the use of flat etc. But sadly the UK has no sororities as such so no paddles. 😉

  3. 6 tony

    I thought the British used the slipper not the hairbrush. Good one Svetlana, PIGS as in Boar bristle hairbrush.

    • 7 DJ

      As well – 😉

      HB middle class I would say – but slipper more common, you’re right.

    • 8 Svetlana

      My comment works fine that way, but I was thinking of recent reports about a (male) UK student club using a pig in its initiation.

  4. I llikeeveryones comments, plus like the story and the pictures.

  1. 1

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