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wr tumblr_nttna8AqFV1uaxq1go1_500wr beach-switchSome interesting little items this week. But before I get to those can I remind everyone that Magic is now on sale. It has been getting some good reviews and I promised the publisher I would plug it at least once a week. Enough said.

Cherry Red has a round-up of picture galleries, if you want more pictures; I poached one from the gallery above. I also included an illustration by H-Bum that Cherry posted.  H-Bum is an amazing artist although most of the work is either femDom or of sexually ambiguous ‘lady-boy’ type figures. The one above is anything but.

Also Chross published a clip of a mainstream spanking by a deaf man; perhaps the first using sign language. It is quite intense and the prostitute who is spanked seems disturbed by it, although her internal feelings might be ambiguous judging from some subtle acting.

On the subject of clips, I rewrote the corner time post from last week as it was pointed out that Sally Field was not actually sent to the corner in the movie. So instead I have included a picture of Lara Flynn Boyle getting some very public corner time, including a good facial reaction shot. You can also see the clip if you click on the picture. Thanks to FFairm (?) for drawing both to my attention.

It is also worth drawing your attention to Natasha Knight’s blog. She has another book out for those that like romantic spanking fiction. Oh that’s everyone then.

The other pictures this week are from: Yeowch, All Things Spanking, Scarlet’s Real Magic, Ronnie Soul, CutiePie, the Spanking Blogg and About Spanking.

6 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. I like the “unveiling”shot. Obviously she wasn’t expecting the spanking to be bare bottom. Maybe he didn’t either-but the situation took over. No doubt she said something…

  2. 2 richard

    I always thought sally should have been in profile when spanked on gigdit but i was too young to voice my opinion back then at least the swedish girl could be viewed with the couch in the way

  3. Maybe someone should tell the lady in the first photo that the guy watching her looks really creepy.

    • I like the pulling down of the pyjama revealing a beautiful bare bottom about to be spanked beaten. old memories of seeing same especially when the woman was a mature lady wholly embarrassed and sore I am sure corner time would have helped her to ensure she would never be in that position again

    • That guy sure has a great view of splendidly nicely shaped bottom Nice observane by your good self.

    • I think he may be a puppet.

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