Vintage Sunday


vin Lehnert_et_Landrock_-_Amis_sur_la_terrasse,_Tunis_vers_1906 vin Lehnert & Lanrock31875231_1_m vin Lehnert & Lanrock brotherl girl vin Lehnert & Lanrock slave vin Lehnert_and_Landrock_-_Fatma_in_bondage_Tunisia_1904
This week are a selection of photographs from Lehnert & Lanrock.

Rudolf Franz Lehnert and Ernst Heinrich Landrock were photographers active in North Africa in the early 20th century. They took remarkable photographs both documenting the exotic and exploring the erotic.

One of their stock in trades was off-the-beaten-track cultural records. These included a number of ‘slave markets’ that graphic pictures of women in bondage and included scenes from actual old world brothels. However, since most of these pictures were taken in British occupied Egypt and Palestine, and French North Africa it is doubtful that these are genuine slaves. But they are curious nonetheless.

One Response to “Vintage Sunday”

  1. remarkable pictures is ever so true, because these vintage one’s sure are. The bare anatomy sure is a sight to behold, Slaves or bondage I am not in agreement with.. sadly many a beautiful body was beaten spanked marked in a tied up form but these vintage picture’s are exquisite in all their forms

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