Putting baby in the corner


1ct time1ct cute 1ct shame2 1ct vintage1ct witnessct_TV_lara_flynn_boyleIndigo absolutely hates corner time and it is always a last resort with us and it is used sparingly. Not that she gets the last say, but one has to respect what works and thee feelings of your sub. Not that Indigo has a completely corner free life.

It seems that  women react very differently to corner time. I knew of a 20-year-old who would do 40 minutes with nothing more than a pout and another who went from rebelling at five minutes to meekly taking an hour.

A while back a college student who discovered my blog while researching about corner time, of all things. She tells me that it was corner time and not spanking that featured in her domestic sanctions at the hands of her guardian right up to leaving for college and she hated it.

However, after almost three years being young free and single she sometimes misses the “clarity and guidance” of being strictly handled. As an adult these feelings have become mixed up with a curiosity and a prurient interest in spanking, which is why, she says, she is a “big fan” of the blog.

Now I am obviously flattered and gratified by her interest here, but beyond that she posed me a question. “What is corner time and where did it come from?”

I love to do some proper research into this and I am fascinated by others experience and ideas, but that might be one for the future when I have more time. For now, this is what I have.

1ct shameCorner time is in many ways a form of bondage. One places a girl in a corner, or sometimes facing a wall where she is forced to consider her sins and punishment. The interesting thing about it is that ostensibly it is voluntary. It is a recognition on some level of the authority of another to someone to the corner and an acceptance of an offered cooperation, all without ropes or chains.

Now obviously there is often the threat of a spanking attached to not obeying, but as with most such customary things, this is rarely overt.

Corner time comes in many different forms, it is most often done fully clothed by the very young as a ‘time out,’ given as a chance to cool down and is all the more embarrassing when given to a young adult. As we know this is often, but not always accompanied by a spanking.

A trawl of YouTube revealed one office spanking, played for laughs, but the woman lost in a rather unstable grainy movie looked embarrassed enough. Sadly there was no explanation. There was also a late teen giving it attitude to a concealed camera phone, saying she was “in community college for Christ sake and I got a swat on the butt and sent to the corner. Man this sucks;” again no explanation.1ct domestic

There was also a gang of what looked like some English college kids cajoling a girl of maybe 19 or 20 to go and sit in the corner facing the wall for some unnamed sin. She seemed bemused and uncomfortable, especially as she was being filmed and teased, but making a joke of it she did finally comply. Again I have no idea what was going on, a bet maybe?

My point about all of this is that it does seem to be going on in the 21st century English-speaking world. This brings me to the question is Corner Time a mainly an Anglo-Saxon pursuit?

1ct edwardian 21-year-oldI did find an early 19th century reference to Prussian governesses (that’s German to you) using corner time. It seems to have been used for girls of all ages as either an alternative to birching or as an accompaniment.

I had to do a rough type from a Photostat of an old magazine, which was in German and then run it through Google translator. So do bear with me. The gist of it was:

A girl or young woman of any age may be contained in her behaviour by demanding that she standing a corner facing the wall. This method can be employed as prelude to a sound birching and has the effect of making her wait (in shame?) to dwell upon her crimes.

Further shaming can be effected by exposing that area of operation either before and certainly afterwards, if more time in the corner is needed.

I am not sure if nudity was more acceptable in Prussia, they certainly went in for some quite harsh birch thrashing on the bare bottom and often in public. But in England it featured less.

Most of the line drawings in serious magazines depict women, even married ones either fully clothed or stripped to the petticoats. I found this:

1ct vintage2It was most shameful to me to be standing at the corner with my behind burning under my skirts from the slipper. To my way of thinking I was much too old to be treated so, especially as my siblings and young cousins were on hand to witness my shame.

In another update to this post I have removed the Sally Field reference, although she was spanked in movies, it seems the corner time picture was a misreport, thanks to FFairm who corrected the Field reference. They pointed out that Lara Flyn Boyel got public corner time in court as a naughty lawyer in the TV show who is sent to the corner by the judge. See last picture above.

There is also a 1950s western where a young 20-something actress playing a 17-year-old is sent to the corner and warned to stay there “or I’ll paddle your behind to a shiny red.” I saw the movie years ago but don’t remember its name. It’s the kind they don’t show anymore just because of scenes like this.

The earliest reference I found to some form of time out dated back to early American colonial days. A 17th century settlement in Massachusetts was confronted with the problem of dealing with three unmarried girls indulging in “unseemly behaviour.”  The justice of the peace and the preacher were vexed that there was no pillory or stocks. So although the girls’ families “would no doubt whip them soundly” a public shaming was felt necessary.

The girls were ordered stand “on their honor” at the village pump for two hours after church.

Indeed I have seen engravings of women being tethered at the neck or ankle to a village whipping post from this era. It is not obvious what is keeping them there other than their own cooperation as the tethers seemed mainly symbolic.

1ct domestic2Twitter threw up some interesting pictures with comments like, “my sister in time out,” “phooey, the paddle and some corner time, no fair,” “my bad, I guess I deserve it,” and “me in the corner.”

1ct sisterI have no idea if the images weren’t just cribbed and I leave you to put captions to pictures. I have also included some other random pictures for your edification. All the pictures used are of the 18+ variety and I haven’t included faces where not appropriate. There are a million of them out there. It seems no domestic spanking is now complete without putting a picture of your wife or girlfriend in the corner on social media.

There also seems to be a trend, perhaps post-50 shades, of putting magazine models in the corner to make them more sexy. Among the pictures is also a rare picture of Lady D, the famous dominatrix from Real Spankings from the early 1980s when she was still on the receiving end.

1ct LadyD

Do you use corner time in your lives? Do you have nay insights?

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16 Responses to “Putting baby in the corner”

  1. Corner time is punishment meant when one was threatened with a spanking they were put in the corner for a long period actually making one tired/bored and very sorry for what the threathened spanking was for.. very rarely was I spanked so my time in the corner taught me a good lesson without the pain or coloured bare bottom cheeks exposed. Corner time ocassionally was with pants down and nose right in the corner. that was embarrassing as the casual visitors or members of the family made it a real punishment with the action

  2. I agree with Frader with what he wrote and also like the pictures of the girls in the corner.

  3. 3 Harry

    The pic with Sally Field is from the movie Stay Hungry with Jeff Bridges and Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is just standing looking at something on the wall after sex.

    • 4 DJ

      Thanks for the heads up 🙂 Makes mainstream movie depictions even rarer.

      • 5 ffaiirrm

        There can be some interesting photographs that could be corner-time and could just be someone briefly looking toward a wall, but if you want to know for sure if it’s corner-time, then that one is not.

        Conversely though, it can allow for a brief public punishment of just a minute or so in a corner in a public place; doesn’t look like anything, but the recipient will still feel some embarrassment.

        I couldn’t find the videos you mention, but I could find an example of one from a television show to replace your Sally Field non-example. With the scene starting at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSSCUdwJbuQ&t=20m0s or skipping to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSSCUdwJbuQ&t=21m12s to get straight to it, Lara Flynn Boyle is a lawyer sent to the corner in court by the judge.

  4. 6 George

    My way is very simple, and effective: before the spanking is starting, of course always on female bare bottom, a kneeling corner time is due, just with knickers and bra on. After the spanking, with a very red bottom on display, a standing corner time is mandatory before forgiving and cuddling… any adult daughter (I mean RL in 2015) used to similar upraising from caring parents?

  5. 7 Svetlana

    No encyclopedic knowledge of cornertime here, but I speak German, so if you want to put up the original text I could do check whether the Google translator did a good job.

    Some of the pictures remind me of an online acquaintance who had the rule that “tip of the nose, tits and toes” must touch the wall. Her boyfriend must have had a thing for alliteration and rhyming.

    My own cornertimes were mostly 15 – 30 minute affairs before or after spankings. I find them useful to get into the right mindset and to calm down afterwards. I also appreciate the “mental bondage” aspect. I still very much dread anything longer than half an hour or with kneeling or having to keep my arms lifted.

    • 8 DJ

      Thanks I’ll bear that in mind for the future. I didn’t keep my German typing – I might publish the photostat at some point – but apart from the writing it isn’t very good and I think I got the gist of it though.

      Toes and nose is a common rule – but hard to sustain over time and although I have used it – I think the strain of holding it can be a distraction from contemplating a coming spanking or the spanking you just had.

      I think your cornertimes are the way to go – the most effective I think. 🙂

      • 9 Svetlana

        Thanks … I think. 🙂

        Two more things about the ropeless bondage aspect:

        The “locked arms behind the back” position in the third picture and particularly in the Lady D picture strongly reminds of bondage. I find it easier than “arms at attention” or other positions with lowered arms because it gives the hands a task and helps to avoid touching and fidgeting. It also helps with posture because it draws the shoulders back.

        As you said, this kind of mental bondage is usually maintained by the threat of a spanking (or an even harder spanking anyway), but not always. A few years ago, I had to do cornertime with another girl who I knew would not rat me out if I had just left. There was no chance of being observed or getting caught. There was no threat to bind us. I am not quite sure what did. I love to think we did it “on our honour”, but I suspect the desire not to be the first one to show weakness had more to do with it. I have no idea what I’d have done had I been alone.

  6. 10 Sweetspot

    In the early 1970s the BBC ran a series called The Edwardians. One of the episodes was called Mr. Rolls and Mr. Royce. Rolls was the marketing genius and Royce the brilliant engineer. Anyway, Royce and his wife raised her niece who is portrayed as being a hand full, so to speak. In the BBC version Mrs. Royce visits her husband in his office and informs him among other business that the, at this point in the story, 17 year old girl has been cheeky (or impertinent some word like that is used) and that she was made to stand in the corner. Mr. Royce responds with some sympathy but seems quite perplexed that a 17 year old needs corner time.

    There is also a Masterpiece Theatre version of this same episode with some scenes altered. for a the U.S. audience version. The conversation between husband and wife happens over the telephone. When Mrs. Royce informs her husband that the girl has been sent to the corner and why he asks, “Should I come home and spank her?” She replies with something like, “Well something needs to be done.” But the conversation turns at that point and nothing further is said on the subject. The girl next appears in the story as a very beautiful 20 something who is mature and respectful…obviously her discipline was effective. Although I initially saw this historical biography on Masterpiece Theatre the only version available as of now seems to be the lesser valuable BBC movie.

    • 11 DJ


      I have not heard of this series, but then the early 1970s in TV terms was a bit early for even me. 😉

  7. Hello , this is Indigo – seeing if this works.

    • To clarify -seeing if commenting works.
      Not corner time – we all know that doesn’t work. Unless you’re a pot plant, or a bath- they love corners. 😉

  8. 15 MrJ

    Great pictures. They capture the emotive dimension of corner time so well

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