Another round of supposed reality


otk in the officeWhile casting around the forums I noticed a debate about the merits and supposed evils of spanking and enjoying reading about such things. Inevitably some said the contributors were all sick. One wonders why they bother to hang around such blogs at all.

I was struck by one woman who seemed to trump these arguments by asking why it was okay to watch graphic mutilation in TV murder show like Criminal Minds or Hannibal for entertainment purposes and not tolerate spanking for much the same reason.

The discussion then moved on to the merits of actual spanking incidents and the merits or lack thereof when enjoying discipline stories. For instance if someone is spanked for disciplinary reasons, can one truly consent or is there always a measure of exploitation.

Actually I had heard most of this before and I am no nearer to a completely definitive answer.

This leads me onto a shared anecdote that followed on from this discussion. For the purposes of illustration only; of course.

This is taken from several different posts by a 37-year-old single woman called Jane1978 who describes herself as ‘fascinated by all things spanking’ and a ‘non-practicing bisexual.’

Jane initially responded to a post by a woman who said during the 1970s girls in the typing pool where she worked often had to do a ‘time out’ facing the wall for minor infractions in the office. We were told that the typing pool boss was a matronly woman and most of her girls were teenagers. There were no spankings that she knows about, but admits that she was embarrassed and ‘strangely thrilled once’ when she was threatened with one.

Jane’s posted reply was that she was not only sent to the corner by her boss, but was indeed spanked many times. It was a situation that at the time she had mixed feelings about but said that it left her with a lifelong interest in spanking. She further claimed that she will be forever grateful for the guidance and is still very close friends with the woman who took her in hand.

Jane’s told the group that she had been brought up in a care home and had never really known a real family. She also admitted that as a young woman she was a cocky over confident brat who didn’t really respect any limits.

At 17 she lied about her age and qualifications to get a job in a design company, which was where she met her future mentor, the spanking boss. Apparently she was already in trouble because she wasn’t quite up to the job and one day she let slip that it was her 18th birthday.

“Your 20th surely” her boss challenged her, Jane having claimed to be 19.

That is when Jane’s world changed.

She was facing the sack and possible legal action. Because of Jane’s lies there some problems with legal issues and insurance, but in the end her boss was quietly going to let her go, presumably because of her own failures in being fooled.

“If you were my mine I know what I would do with you,” her boss is reported to have said.

After asking her boss to spell it out Jane was confronted with the “spanking” word for the first time, and she was intrigued and something in “my demeanour or my expression must have communicated something that at the time I was hardly aware of.”

“The next thing I know I was across her knee with my knickers down and getting the spanking of my life,” Jane gleefully told the group. “To say I hated it at the time is an understatement, I was left bawling like a kid and it was totally embarrassing.”

But when afterwards she was made to stand and face the wall she found herself “having a good cry with the emphasis on ‘good.’ I never felt so emotionally clean.”

Afterwards her boss apologised, she was obviously afraid that she had got carried away, but it was Jane who apologised “perhaps for the first time in my life” and she admitted the she had “deserved it.”

The upshot was, and Jane doesn’t think it was contrived, her boss would “see what she could do to sort out the mess” and give her another chance.

Jane said there was something thrilling about the threat “’but if you ever mess up again I’ll spank you properly.’ With those words and my tacit acceptance I think we came to some sort of agreement.”

Jane told the group, “It was not the end of my immature bratty ways, but it was perhaps the beginning of my acceptance of some boundaries.”

“I totally threw myself into things after that” Jane posted, and she “quickly became totally devoted” to her “great boss.”

Strangely by Jane’s account her boss was severe and demanding, but she speculates that for the first time “it mattered what she did.” What she didn’t count on was the reality of her situation or the fact that she “hadn’t made a completely clean breast of it about what she could or couldn’t yet do.”

“Messing up again was inevitable and I wasn’t really equipped with the interpersonal skills to own up or put things right with her.”

“My second spanking was an epic one and really set the tone. And again I don’t think she meant it to happen and just got carried away in the moment. Like before, one minute I was making excuses and making a brat of myself and the next I was across her knee getting my bare bottom spanked. Only this time when I reached a sort of point of collapse and acceptance even she gave me a good talking to with me still across her lap.”

“I said I was sorry and I meant it, I even admitted I deserved it and apologised again and again for letting her down. I begged her not to sack me or hate me etc… She was irritated by this and told that ‘of course I wasn’t being sacked’ and ‘of course she didn’t hate me.’ That’s when she reached for what I later found out was a heavy plastic ruler. It was about a foot long and springy. The rapid relentless impact on my bare bum was like fire and it seemed to go for ages. I cried a bucket and then some before she paused to scold me again. I say pause for she must have spanked me like that several times before she stopped spanking me entirely.”

“Afterwards I admitted I deserved it again and might have even thanked her – I was in a daze by then you see. She responded by sending me to face the wall again, where I remained I might add for what seemed like hours while she sorted out some of the mess I had made – again!”

Jane doesn’t spell it out in her posts but in a later contribution she alludes to the fact that after the second spanking she started reliving the experience as a sexual fantasy and even embellishing it in her mind, which she admitted might have affected her retelling of it. But she insisted in several post to doubters that her story was substantially true.

It didn’t take long for her boss to realise that it wasn’t only her professional life that needed sorting out. After a visit to Jane’s rented flat she was appalled by the dirt and the untidiness of it and further ‘dismayed to put it mildly’ by Jane’s credit card debts and overdue rent.

Jane said, “I hadn’t really been equipped by life in care to face the world alone at 18 and despite being grown-up in some ways I was mostly still hopeless.”

“I wasn’t surprised when she spanked me and I think my easy acceptance and lacklustre response made her think I was cheeky or disrespectful. I tend to make things a joke when I am embarrassed. So at one point she broke off from spanking me with her hand and got my bath brush. The spanking she then gave me sent me totally doolally and I am ashamed to say I begged and cried like a little kid. She didn’t spare me though and it was quite a session.”

“She made me stand in the corner for ages after that while I totally cried and she went through my debts and other paperwork. But like before I felt clean and cared for, although my backside pulsed in agony and later it went dark purple and each bum cheek looked like it was twice their normal size. Even more embarrassing, she made me clean my flat from top to bottom with my bum still bare and at one point I even had to take out the rubbish. It wasn’t really that big a deal but at the time I was so embarrassed and totally humble. This was a feeling I kind of liked.”

Spanking became a big part of Jane’s life and her relationship with her boss. Jane even made her boss a present of another bath brush and painted a frown face on the back of the brush part with an arrow saying ‘apply this end to mine’ and other little amusing drawings that alluded to spanking.

“I came to regret that gesture, as ever back then I didn’t think things through too well. Within months the face and most of the paint had worn away leaving a rather polished bare wood surface where I had been spanked with it so many times.”

After four years Jane was ‘guided’ into a more senior job and stopped working directly with her boss. “The farewell spanking was hell, but I think I provoked it deliberately as a sort of gesture. Not that it was my last spanking from her, but they happened a lot less over time.”

Jane told the group she was still friends with her old boss, who she wasn’t surprised to find out was a lesbian and now lives with a younger woman. “There was never anything sexual between us, but most of my sexual fantasies are about getting spanked, usually by an older woman.”

Jane said she has had several spanking adventures with men since then, but never with another woman and none so intense. This is a situation she sometimes regrets, but says “it is hard to enter into that kind of spanking set-up as usually people aren’t that severe or if they are they back off when you ask them too. Obviously that is totally the right way, but sometimes I need choices made for me. I enjoy it more after if I hate it at the time, if that makes sense?”

Jane’s story was told out of chronological order and some of it was fleshed out by me from inferences. I went back to see if I had missed anything or if she had posted anything more but I couldn’t find exactly where the thread started, one of the problems with bookmarking a dynamic page.

I think it was worth unpicking and editing it together because of its insight into the submissive mind.

8 Responses to “Another round of supposed reality”

  1. this reminds me of my very younger days as a young adult when bosses took liberty with me and others in disciplining us as I thought then beyond the call of duty. But he was not worried as he called both male and female to his office upstairs. A sound lecture then orders to attend his home detached and away from others. He was single living with his sister in the family home. Be on time was his last order. Then once in his grasp he spanked otk touched toes, over the back of a chair and to really embarrass us he used to put us on all fours or the last six of the best. he only gave six of the best with each implenment use and his hand. sometimes he would bring a male and female employee and embarrassed them by having to undress and stand in the corner together. so that is what spanking in the office meant to me. I accepted it or my job was gone. I agreed with it too it did me no harm

  2. 2 Svetlana

    “I enjoy it more after if I hate it at the time” … I would have not put it quite like that, but the essence of it rings true.

  3. We have a similar thing (or more) going on at my forum “Sometimes A Girl Needs A Spanking”. One such story is of a woman who runs a boarding house for 7 to 8 college girls who she spanks with a hairbrush when they break house rules. Over three separate loooooong threads I have not found one hole in her side of the discussion. Either she is history’s most incredible, thorough and consistent liar, or she’s telling the truth. Having gone over every detail with a fine tooth comb I tend to lean towards the latter.
    Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • 4 Svetlana

      Strange, but not entirely implausible. If I had known about such a place when I was studying, I would not have had the guts to ask for a room, but I would have admired and envied the girls who did.

    • 5 DJ

      I saw that – but I haven’t had time to follow it all. Not sure how much of your contributors stuff is true – but much is I think. I always puzzle over the I don’t enjoy it but someone’s got to do it… I could believe that if only they weren’t sharing on a spanking forum. But glad that they do. 😉

  4. 6 Carmen

    What forums do you usually look at?

    • 7 DJ

      Random ones thrown up by google mostly – many are transitory (ie don’t last long before they are abandoned) and to be found on Voy – like OMH’s forum – which s not transitory and is well patronised. The best ones for this kind of in depth plausible tale are the mainly vanilla ones that deal in other issues. Fem First is good for these – but they have an odd dynamic page set-up that doesn’t like being bookmarked and sends one back to the main index on return visits. That seems to be true of many of this kind of Forum.

      I think the story above was either Fem First or the FF Forum (name escapes me for the moment) ( and which isn’t vanilla) sorry I keep meaning to be better at keeping track when clip stuff, but so far I fail.

      In the past EP, Life Forum, FemForum…

      Women talking to women on vanilla forums that discuss sex quite often include spanking anecdotes I have found. I wonder why? 😉

      I hope that helps.

      • Hey, thank you for the very kind words about Sometimes A Girl Needs A Spanking or as some are calling it now SAGNAS.
        We have a few regulars, some semi-regulars and those who just pop in, tell their story and disappear. Some of the contributions are quite obviously fantasy. If I see an IP address that has several names attached to it I usually delete those. I do like to encourage creativity, possible embellishment and I’m not too concerned if it’s sprinkled with a lot of fantasy as long as it’s rooted in truth.
        We have a few spanking moms who I think are there not because they have a fetish, but because this is an open, understanding, non-judgmental group. A couple have stated that they find the ‘mommy boards’ to be aggressive and judgmental and have found that they can freely discuss the concerns and tribulations of raising adolescents without being damned.
        We have contributors who have been commenting and sharing their experiences for over a decade. This is a very accepting and understanding group and not everything on there is about spanking. I have always been very pleased that members feel comfortable enough to ask others advice or just ramble their life frustrations having nothing to do with the subject at hand. A word that comes up often on the forum is ‘family’ and I’m kind of like the proud leader of this close, loving family.
        Thanks again for the mention.

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