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1wr conduct_c013-630x350 1wr punish-strap-coach_500 1wr scarlet 1wr SPANKING 1wr spanking-abigail-whittaker 1wr swing1wr rogueThings are slowly getting back to normal, although I am still a long way behind answering comments and my email. While catching up I did notice that Pandora over at Dreams of Spanking is down. She has been closed by the UK government under new censorship laws, which frankly don’t make a lot of sense and so far only seem to have hindered Pandora’s work. Is this because she has been the only one to stick her head above the parapet? I am sure she is not, but it sure does look like victimisation.

You can read more at her closed page and some reviews and comments there.

This is all a very strange coincidence as I had recently chanced upon a debate about sick spankos on a forum. As one of the contributors pointed out, far worse things are shown in the name of entertainment on mainstream TV (daytime yet in the UK) than I have seen in most spanking videos.

Seriously, have you seen Hannibal, Criminal Minds (which airs in the afternoon on cable) and many others which feature quite graphic and sadistic murders? Sorry if I repeat myself tomorrow but Tuesday’s rant includes an intense anecdote too that I managed to cobble together from two dozen posts and edit for sense.

Elsewhere Cherry Red has a round-up of images and the other images on this page were found at: Dallas, Able, Spanking Blogg, Scarlet’s Real Magic, CutiePie,and All Things Spanking.

4 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Well, I look at the photographs and I think that no one appreciates the hard work of Doms. How much energy is required to give dozens of spanking! How much work you put into it! How much time it takes!
    I have to start looking for a slave. Not to serve. To smacking my own sub 😉

  2. Laughed with a friend a few weeks ago when we happened to be catching some of “Goodfellas” on broadcast TV. They edited out the “fucks” but had no qualms about showing a guy murdered by having an ice-pick driven into his skull.

  3. I agree with Michael and the pictures are great too.

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