It’s Magic


magic bannerLSF have been pushing me to publish Magic as a novel for some time and now we finally have. The publishers are investing a lot of time and money promoting this book, all at a modest copy price I opine, so if you have never bought one of my books and you like this blog please consider Magic.

nude witchWith over 210,000 words this spanking novel is an epic adventure set in a fantasy world with its own lore and customs, populated by multiple characters including wizards and witches, dragons and demons. It also encompasses war and the quest for power, and love and betrayal.

magic coverIt begins when an unexpected visitor arrives at the household of Sir Mark De Lacy. Little does Katrin, Sir Mark’s daughter, know that her life is soon to be transformed forever. The beautiful, tempestuous 19-year-old has enjoyed running wild in the woods and consorting with herbalists and witches – an activity much frowned upon, given her noble status. So imagine her surprise – and excitement – when an adept recognises her gift and persuades her father to allow her to study magic at Pandoria.

So begins Katrin’s new life of wonder and exploration. Ensconced in the ladies college known as the Dovecote, she is apprenticed to Dr Arlon Fear, the young mage who is to be her tutor and master for the next few years… though over time he becomes so much more. Katrin takes up her duties and she and her new friends adjust to the rigorous regime of study and discipline. Spankings are a regular occurrence, and the punishments meted out are often severe: hand, belt, paddle, cane, birch, and more are used to tame deserving female bottoms. Yet through it all, Katrin develops her abilities and the bond strengthens between her and her stern and powerful master, Arlon Fear.

And in this world of arcane magic and mystery, perhaps it is love that saves the day…

8 Responses to “It’s Magic”

  1. I liked the story and pictures too. Good job DJ.

  2. 2 mick9lan

    Love the book – I’m delighted it’s been published as it deserves a wider audience. I hope LSF have the reach to make it as visible as it should be to a wider public.

  3. Wonderful news! Congratulations!

  4. 4 Insonia

    Congratulations! Magic was amazing!
    Why did it have to end?
    (I ship Rachel & Shula! They were meant to be together!!!! Hahaha!)
    Sorry for my bad english…
    Best wishes.

  5. 6 MrJ


  6. 7 Alofa

    Hi DJ! I’m a lurker who stumbled across an installment of Magic several months ago, and read the whole saga, beginning to end. It made me a fan for life! I felt I should be paying to read it, and now I have. Thanks for the great story!

    Congratulations on the book, and also on your recent wedding. Hi to Indigo!

    Joy & Peace,

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