Weekly Update


11 a 13106_052-630x350 11a able 11a batman_spanks_catwoman_otto_schmidt 11a Capture_d_e_cran_2015_08_24_a_16.20.53 11a leaf blower1 11a over-truck-hood 11a spanking-video5 11a train 11a wr SpankedSweetiesLast week came and went before I knew it (as did I – having been from one end of the country and back again twice.) I think my blogging time will be cut to three quarters (if not half) for the foreseeable, but at least I will have that much time. But that level of service may not be resumed for a week or so.

In any case there is more from Indigo and I hope at least a short from me coming up this week.

Two events slipped by during the month just gone, one being the sixth anniversary of A Voice in the Corner and the other being the 14th million visit, although I have long since stopped doing special posts for these as it started to sound like boasting. However, it never ceases to amaze me that so many read this blog and in ever increasing numbers (although the rate of growth has slowed this year).

I still haven’t emailed most of you and I have several books to review (when I can get around to reading them) including one by Natasha Knight that she kindly sent me ages ago. Check out her latest offerings by the way.

The pictures this week are from: Able, Spanking Blogg, Scarlet’s Real Magic, Hermione, Chicago Spanking Review, CutiePie, Au Fils Des Jours, All Things Spanking and About Spanking.

3 Responses to “Weekly Update”

  1. I liked everything including the pictures of the women getting spanked.

    • yes, those bare bottoms marked stamped with the spanking hands are equisite to me bare bottoms are ever so beautiful spanked or unspanked yes it is still a the best form of discipline for naughty boys or girls. reminds me of the sore bottoms I received

  2. Congratulations on the new milestones. I love the pics above, especially the first two.

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