Weekly Round-Up II


1a wr 07 1a wr able 1a wr jennicakes005-630x350 1a wr LeChevalierFesseur123 1a wr Naked-Wet-Spanking 1a wr panties-down-paddlingOkay this is a a round-up, just a day late. Thank you all for all the congratulations to Indigo and I, much appreciated. Still lots to do here, but Indigo promises to write more soon. On that note, not sure if I can edit her piece for tomorrow yet. However, things will settled down soon. Meanwhile apologies for not emailing people back – you know who you are.

Michael, of Season and Michael, contacted me to say he is on the mend and how much he appreciates this blog while he recovers. No return to his though, not for the foreseeable. I hope too that Paul is getting better.

On a lighter note Magic (you remember that epic) is finally going to press as a stand alone novel. More on that soon.

I haven’t caught up in Spankville yet, but I noticed Cherry Red has a round-up of images.

The Vanilla Spanking has a post on French mainstream theatre and a spanking. The stage picture in red is a glimpse.

Other pictures are from: Able, Spanking Blog, Spanking Starlets and a rather curious one from Stan.

8 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up II”

  1. I like the pictures and think their butts should be redder than what they are and that they should go in the corner for and hour then go back for another round till it really hurts to sit without any clothes on.

    • 2 George

      Well said, Deborah! I do hope you have a lot of personal experience…

    • like george your comment is very truly right and yes redder bottom cheeks or butt cheeks corner time a bit too harsh though: I bet you never as I did not have to spend an hour in the corner: the most for me was in the corner behind the TV for half hour with not so nice comment about my petite small bottom really spanked and hair-brushed by both Parents.

  2. George, thank you very much for what you said. I appreciate what you sent back.

  3. 5 Rikki

    Can anyone tell me what’s going on in the top one? Are those people or mannequins? Is the spankee on the right pointed the wrong way?

  4. 7 Becky

    All the recipients in these photos are either standing or laid flat. I have to take the spankings, strapping or caning I earn either bent across HoHs lap or touching my toes freestanding or bent over the back of the chair. Does the position change the pain received? I do find the positions I have to take somewhat humiliating themselves which is of course part of being disciplined.

  5. 8 Svetlana

    Touching toes tends to change the pain received because you are more likely to get extras for moving out of position. 😉

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