The Last of WRNS old-style discipline


1 0wrenFollowing on from yesterday’s story here is another true account of the caning of some wrens, this time from the early 1970s. Shortly after this time women were included within the Royal Navy proper and would have been, in theory at least, protected from such sanctions.

This was sent in by one of our regular readers who wished to remain anonymous.


The revelations of the caning of WRNS on the letters page of the Daily Telegraph In 2006, one former wren decided to share her story.

Our heroine joined the navy directly from school as a cadet and by the time of our story was a 19-year-old Ordinary Wren. Her offence was to be caught in bed with another wren at a time when homosexuality was a court martial offence and could be very serious indeed and could have led to dismissal. She was at an experimental age sexual although she had never regarded herself as a lesbian.

Both women offered an unofficial punishment, which would involve them both receiving a sound caning approved by the Base Commander.

After signing a disclaimer they were both ordered to report to the gymnasium and “prepare themselves for 12 strokes of the cane across their unprotected backsides.”

Much to the women’s horror they discovered that they were to be caned by a male fitness instructor in the presence of their own Senior and First Officers.

The cane was at least 36 inches long and clearly quite whippy, a daunting prospect for their bare bottoms. After being asked to partially undress, they were confronted with a vaulting horse over which they would both be caned in turn.

Both women were required to remain at attention and half naked during the punishment until they had both been dealt with. The whole procedure was to last some 10 minutes, during which they had to make no undue fuss or outcry.

Before the caning began both women were given another opportunity to withdraw and face a conventional inquiry and both declined. They were then required to sign disclaimers to this affect.

Having confessed to ‘conducting in lewd behaviour that could bring the service into disrepute’ they were then told to remove their knickers and prepare to take 12 strokes each across the bare bottom.

On the toss of a coin our heroine’s friend opted to go first and was told to “walk to the vaulting horse and bend right across it and reach right down the other side, keeping her legs together and straight out behind her.
As she took her friend took position, our heroine was struck by how beautiful her bottom was, and although, she did not consider herself a lesbian, she could appreciate just how erotic her bottom bent over in a highly submissive position would be to any male, particularly at this moment, the fitness instructor.”

It didn’t escape her that in a few minutes it would be her bare bottom that would be under the instructor’s cane.

The first caning was given out at 15 second intervals and immediately left its mark. However, as ordered her friend didn’t make a sound and as her caning left evenly spaced red welts which only later became a “mass of redness between the upper and lower points set by the first two strokes.” However from the sixth stroke on the woman made small grunts at the ever harder impacts.

After the first caning the order was given not to rub the woman was returned to attention facing the vaulting horse.

Our heroine felt incredibly self-conscious with everyone looking at when to her horror there was a knock on the door, which the First Officer unlocked and opened to let the base commander into the gym who was clearly going to witness the second caning in person.

She must have wondered if this could get any worse, but without being told she took a few paces to the vaulting horse before bending right across it, taking up the same position as her friend a few moments before. She was torn between embarrassment and terror as the cane touched her bare bottom to commence.

“This was possibly the longest forty-five seconds of her life but she felt the cane tap her bottom two or three times before she received the first stroke, which felt worse than her wildest dreams and made her cry out, and she knew another eleven would be impossible.”

“She managed not to cry out as she received the second stroke, which was lower and she could see the clock out of the corner of her eye and the anticipation as it approached each 15 second point was dreadful, because it signalled another whack was coming. After the sixth stroke, she heard the Base Commander move from standing at an angle to a position immediately behind her where he had a ‘perfect’ view, and to her absolute shame he praised the fitness instructor on a ‘first class’ caning with all six lines across the bottom being perfectly symmetrical.”

The second part was much worse than the first and she understood now why her friend had cried out. The seventh stroke was the first that landed on top of a previous one and was unbelievably painful.

“The caning seemed to be going on forever and she even lost count at one stage. The fitness instructor was clearly an expert because all 12 stokes were within the three inch band across the middle of her bottom. She tried her best to stay still and quiet but there were certainly some of the strokes that made her cry out.”

Both woman had to stay at attention why the room was restored and then the commander spoke to them saying “that they were both very lucky to have been offered an unofficial punishment and whilst they might find sitting down painful for a few days and that they would carry some marks for a week, their service record would remain clean.”

Our heroine was later caned again by the same instructor and whilst she bore no rancour for either punishment, she has remained fascinated by corporal punishment ever since and admits that it formed the basis of many sexual fantasies.

“There are many variants and in her mind that she was actually stripped naked, or that she was caned on the bare in front of the whole unit, or that she was taken from behind after being caned whilst still being over the vaulting horse.” But to be sure at the time she did not enjoy it at all.


Not sure about the source of this anecdote but the rank structures mention were compatible with those still in place up until the 1970s and although the detail suggests that the story was included in a salacious magazine at some point it does have a ring of truth about it.

8 Responses to “The Last of WRNS old-style discipline”

  1. I liked the story and picture of them having to lean over the vaulting horse to receive their punishment but feel they should of gotten12with the paddle,12 with the strap and 16 with the belt to their bare behind 2-3 times a week and then be sent to the corner for a half hour with their behinds facing the Commander and then having toreport to his office for further orders . They would report to his office naked and then receive whatever to theirbarebottom after signing off on paperwork that they agreed to whatever it said and if they cried or backed out of the punishment they would get double and then have to go lay on the mat with their arms folded in front of them till the half-hour was up then told to get up and get dressed and go do chores before dinner. They had to lie on their sides in bed time and if they were caught laying on their beds on their backs without their butts showing they got an automatic12 with the paddle in front of the others before being allowed to return to their beds and were reminded that if this happened any more at bed checks that they would have to undergo a very serious punishment everyday for a month in the gym over the horse when theCommander dictated them to be there to undergo their punishment.

  2. 2 Targetarear

    I can remember reading this in the Telegraph. The exchange of letters went on for two or three weeks.

  3. 3 Jimi

    I just cannot believe this happening after the early to mid sixties.
    It may have been credible in the fifties or up to about 1964, but I just cannot believe it happening after the mid-sixties.
    Remember this was the time of Swinging London, Flower Power, Mods, Hippies ,Anti-Vietnam marches, and being in my late teens to early twenties at the time it was a wonderful time to be young.
    There was full employment then and considerable competition for good employees. so the idea of a young woman willingly allowing her bare bottom to be painfully and humiliatingly punished is in my opinion only in fantasy and fiction, which I enjoy writing and reading as much as anyone.

    • 4 DJ

      I have no idea about the truth of this – but I never under estimate how old-fashioned and retro the military can be. Also this was before the Women’s Royal Navy Service was integrated into the main navy (which happened in the mid 1970s) and other independent accounts elsewhere suggest that this was indeed the practice up until at least the early 1960s – that is just 10 years before. I have even heard a more recent account in the Australian navy too. But as you say – who really knows – I doubt that these cases are officially sanctioned.

    • 5 T

      I think this probably is a true story. The Sunday Telegraph is a serious ‘broadsheet’ newspaper, up there with The Sunday Times and the Observer, and not in the business of publishing salacious fantasies. I’d be most surprised indeed if it had printed the exchange of letters about bare-bottom punishment of WRNS personnel without checking the truth of the stories.

  4. 6 Svetlana

    “It is all true, or it ought to be; and more and better besides.” 🙂

  5. 7 Janice J

    My grandmother served in the WRNS during WW1 and she was caned a few times she told me.

    I know she was classed as fit for ‘mobile service’ which meant she could be posted away from home and that she was a driver. I don’t think CP was official but there were heavy fines and I think ‘taking a bit of stick’ as she called it was preferable.

    She had a few stories – she said she had an easy going officer to drive for but one night thinking he would be a few hours she took the car off to go and get some supper and generally skive off. When she got back the officer had been stranded and had had to cover for her.

    The next day he gave her a bollocking and when she answered him back he took her over his knee and gave her a ‘jolly good spanking.’

    She said she deserved it and usually he was a good laugh. But later she got another officer and pulled the same stunt. She was sent back to the training pool and had to contend with ‘a right old battleaxe’ she made her drop her draws and bend over for a dozen with the cane. Gran said it hurt like the devil but still better than a fine.

    She only got ‘short duties’ for a while which meant she was under this woman who caned her more than once. She told me she was rarely without ‘a bruised bum’ for a few months.

    Later she was posted to lorry driving.

    There were other stories 🙂

    • 8 DJ

      Thank so much – never considered WW1 CP before – what other stories? 😉

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