Vintage Extra: Reportage


vintage realism picture post8 vintage realism picture post7 vintage realism picture post6

The last in our vintage extra shots. Any or all of these colour snaps could be from pro-shoots, but I have included them because there is an authentic feel to them. The girl crossing her ankles is taking a real spanking, even if it is a shoot and there is something about the demeanour of the girl in the second shot that screams reluctant humility. One wonders if she is pulling them up or down.

2 Responses to “Vintage Extra: Reportage”

  1. 1 Oscar

    Top photo is from video ‘Spanking and Shame” The girl is camping, the site is a mess and she is drunk. After the spanking she cleans up the site bare bottomed. Bottom photo is a Nu West vwdio. Kristin Bell spanking Katie for
    not paying rent.

  2. The third one is definitely from Nu-West. The top one I’ve seen before, a wider shot and looks pretty genuine.
    The middle one, it looks pretty clear that the young lady threw a party not expecting her parents to be home so soon. There is real distress not only on her partially bared bottom, but especially and most tellingly in her face. You may get tears in professional shoots, but you never get that type of shame and remorse.

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