Reality Bites: Sorority Soreness


sorority paddled sorority paddled2real sitting sore

A reader called Kathy sent in these in. Allegedly this is the aftermath of some sorority hi-jinks. The top picture is apparently a candid of one girl cooling off her spanked bottom in the sink. They all look authentic enough, but who knows?

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  1. The first one appears particularly authentic–mottled and with more purple closer to where the two cheeks meet, probably because the stroke of the strap or paddle compressed the cheeks and did more temporary damage. Also, the fact that one cheek is far more discolored than the other is far more suggestive–to me of least–of a punisher who stood too far back than it is of Photoshopping.

  2. 2 Tony

    I feel that Kathy may know how these bottoms got bruised. I would love to hear the details. I know for a fact that Sorority paddling is alive and well.

  3. 4 Tony

    I emailed the link to my friend Courtney the sorority girl. She said when they got paddled it left round circle like Bulls eyes in the center of the cheeks. They lasted for a week changing color. She has never seen anyone girls in her sorority with their ass looking like the one’s in the pictures.

    • That’s good information, Tony. Thank you. Even though your friend Courtney never saw any girls in her sorority with bottoms that resembled the picture, it is at least gratifying to know that the girls were sufficiently bare around each other–and for a week following the paddlings–that they could take note of each other and how their bottoms changed after the paddlings. I can tell you that in women’s locker rooms in gyms (of the non-private variety) that some women do bare all and a few (not only myself) take peeks although I have never seen bottoms that I could say without doubt were punished but I have seen a few with faint marks that I have my suspicions. Shaving down there, as you might suspect, is still in vogue, especially among many in our 20s and even 30s.

      • 6 Tony

        Courtney and her sorority sisters think nothing of showering in front of each other. They change clothes in front of each other. Being nude in front of another sorority sister is no big deal. Courtney told me she likes it shaved but she leaves a tiny landing strip. Often she goes camando or she wears a thong.

  4. 7 Sara-Jo

    Looks real enough to me – I have certainly seen worse – much worse.

    I joined a sorority in the mid 1990s – there was a paddle ban – no hazing all bygone days I was told.

    First day we gathered in a basketball court off campus the sorority had hired. We had do to run from one end to the other until a whistle blew – anyone who did not freeze went back to the beginning. Last girl got paddled and we all had to take off an item of clothing. So much for a paddle ban.

    By 9.30 we were all naked and all red-bottomed (some worse than others) and there was not a dry eye in the house.

    I think the idea was to see what were made of and for the sisters to select littles for the year. A few girls never came back (but they could not complain because we were off campus) after that things got more gruelling.

    Our bottoms were pretty much the personal property of our Biggies all through pledging, with that and all the rules and weekly ritual hazing I was lucky if my butt ever got down to being as lightly bruised as the top picture.

    Bare bottom paddling was a big part of my experience – despite the official line.

    Sara-Jo (Sorority girl 1995-1999 – then and forever). x

  5. I hope this basketball court was an indoor one??

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