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Vintage Sunday


Freya Guinness looked at the clock with misery hanging on her face. She already wished her shift was over and the shift had barely begun. It looked like her day at the Horn Street Coffee Shop was getting up to be one of those where she wasn’t be rushed off her feet, but she wasn’t […]

More Summer Fun


A couple of weeks ago I fell over. I was on top of a cliff and the view was amazing so I took great care with my steps all the way until I stepped back from the edge. I had some miles to cover and was doing my hike at a bit of a trot. […]



Erin dropped a cobweb into the pot and cackled. Neither would have the slightest impact on the spell, but sometimes she just couldn’t resist the joke, even when there was no one else to enjoy it. The pot had once belonged to her grandmother, a seventh generation witch going back to… oh what the hell, who […]

Weekly Round-Up


As ever I have been very busy and I have been trying to queue up some material before the holidays. I still haven’t answered comments properly and that goes for email too. But I think that is the story all around at the moment. Speaking of stories, the Discipline of the Desert has been published […]

Vintage Sunday


Summer Fun


Through the window Mullion County beckoned and Susan Bonneville almost forgave herself and left in search of Mary-Lou. They could have a soda down in Baker, maybe even two and then talk about boys. “Lucky you don’t have my Pa,” she would say when Sue told her troubles, “He would wale the tar out of me. […]

There is lots of advice about how to be a spanker; how to tell a girl off, what implements to use, corner time or not, how to twirl one’s moustache and so on and so on. But there is pitiful little advice on how to be spanked and that is what I want to tell […]