Weekly Round-Up


1!wr red 1!wr otk 1!wr swing 1!wrChild-Wonder-Appleton-ME-56 1!wr hot-spanking1 tumblr_n3qf6kU9BH1rxvzulo1_500 !1 OTKThings move apace but the summer slowdown is almost upon us. They don’t call August the silly season for nothing. Speaking of slowdowns, I just realised that I haven’t continued the Sinclair Method for ages, almost a year. Where does the time go? How many other stories have I started and not continued, it must be so frustrating as a reader. Ad Astra is another that many must have lost patience with.

If you can’t find enough spanking material both Cherry Red and Ronnie Soul have a round-up of sources.

I have also thrown in a few extra pictures this week to top up my findings. Credited findings are from: Richard Windsor, Scarlet’s Real Magic, CutiePie, Able and the Spanking Blog.

6 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Thank you, DJ. To me, the first picture is particularly noteworthy. Her bottom and upper thighs are sufficiently fleshy to absorb the punishment that they have endured, perhaps (I am only speculating) because of misdeeds that someone else is aware of, misdeeds to which she has confessed, or a sense of guilt that has driven her to request a chastisement to help her atone. The nature of the marks on her bottom and upper thighs, the left in particular, suggests a switch or similar instrument was used on her flesh although I may be mistaken.

  2. The top picture looks like the result of a damned good American switching.
    Do you know the source?

  3. DJ, thank you for the pictures of the girls getting punished,especially the first picture that has marks on her butts and thighs. I enjoy what you always put together and look forward to the the next thing you put together for tomorrow.

  4. It appears that, based on ballots cast to date, picture number one is definitely in the lead.

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