The Sinclair Method (part 16)


1950 otkOur story began here.

Alice realised that Janet and Jenny had allowed her to mark time and had given the training schedule some shape.

While they were there then keep two basically good kids in line just about justified Alice’s existence but now thing were getting serious. Mrs Baxter expected great things from Alice and the Sinclair Method and so did Katherine and Mary; her two eager volunteers.

Mary eager, what a turn up, the little mouse had come a long way and in no small part due to Alice, but this was no time to rest upon her laurels. Katherine too needed her and the governess knew she could take little credit in that direction. Even without her guidance, Alice knew that within a year or two Katherine could very well be standing in her shoes.

Not so many years before, in the dying days of the 1940s, Alice herself had come to Muriel Baxter as a cynical ex-WAVE looking for some direction. She remembered clearly standing in the hall of Sinclair’s house with her one bag and dressed to kill. She had all but dared the world and Mrs Baxter to show her something new, to show her who she really was even.

Mrs Baxter had obliged and by supper time she had found herself tumbled pell-mell over the formidable woman’s knee for a bare bottom spanking she would never ever forget.

For an ex-naval officer, corner time had been an excruciatingly embarrassing experience, especially as a dozen or so other girls and women had filed past on their way to the refractory barely batting an eyelid at her predicament.

The utter shame of exposure coupled with the casual indifference had been hard lesson in humility and one she had taken to heart.

But how to handle Katherine and Mary, that was the question. Mary needed a confidence boost, but Katherine reminded Alice of herself and had yet to be truly humbled.

“Time to get serious,” Alice sighed and took a long hard look at herself in the mirror.


Katherine and Mary too were enjoying the calm before the inevitable storm. Now that their younger friends had gone they knew that soon Alice’s entire attention would be turned upon them.

Both of them were sitting in Katherine’s room on the bed and missing the unearthly quiet that had descended now that Jenny and Janet could no longer be heard bickering. In fact the only sound was the hush of wind in the trees outside and the ticking of a clock somewhere.

It was strange in the house now. No one was being spanked and all the corners were empty of penitent girls. They both missed it and wondered what Alice was planning.

“I want this to work,” Mary said anxiously.

Katherine smiled and nodded encouragingly. “I want to go to the mother house as trainee governess, not just one of the girls. Do you think…?”

“You will easily make that, but me? I have no idea what to do. Do you think Alice is really going to teach us?” Mary gushed.

“Why don’t we ask her?” Katherine said thoughtfully.

“Oh, you know I get tongue-tied and… well you know, it is so embarrassing isn’t it?” Mary sighed.

“Hmmm,” Katherine pondered. “We could write a letter.”

Mary came alive and bounced up on the bed.

“What do you mean? A letter to Alice, but that’s silly,” Mary said, but hoped she was wrong.

“No it isn’t,” Katherine said sharply, but her mind was fixed on her idea now. “What we need to say is…”

“Please Dear Alice, hmm, we really want to make this work and we know what a great opportunity you and Mrs Baxter have offered us…” Mary offered tentatively.

“Something like that, yes,” Katherine agreed, “Let’s start a list of what we think…”

Mary nodded eagerly.

An hour later they had a half decent draft.

Dear Miss Bowman,

Can we start off by thanking you for the great opportunity that you and Mrs Baxter have offered us and we truly hope to make the most of it.

We know that there will be difficult and not to say painful times ahead for both of us, I doubt if either of us will be sitting down much for many weeks to come. But this is what we truly need and we both want to assure you that despite our girlish protests we both respect and appreciate your firm hand. If we may be so bold as to say so, never were two bare bottoms blistered so thoroughly in a good cause.

You have taught us both that there is nothing so good for a young woman as a thoroughly spanked bare bottom and a good hour or more standing nose tight to the corner, but we know that there is more to it than that and we don’t just mean the canes, switches and other needful horrors that our training might entail.

We don’t mean to be impertinent when we say that we know that you went through this too and we desire very much to follow in your footsteps. That is, we both very much wish to be trained as governess in the Sinclair Method and urge you not to spare our behinds or minds in any regard when training us to this end. The end being very much to the fore if you pardon the pun.

Please Miss Bowman, Alice, know that we are ready.

Yours very sincerely and very humbly,

Miss Katherine Anders and Miss Mary Welling


Alice had read and re-read the letter while the two young women sat in patient nervousness on the couch. All the while Katherine adopted a stance of nonchalant poise, her apprehension only hinted at by the constant twittering of her hands, while Mary couldn’t sit still and insisted on chewing her lips.

“Are you sure about this?” Alice said at last.

Katherine pursed her mouth and gave a single nod as she smiled. Followed by Mary, who stole a glance at the older girl and then finding her brave said, “Yes Ma’am.”

“Very well,” Alice said slowly as she drew in a breath. Standing up she frowned and then carefully folded the letter and put it away. “Mary, go to my room and fetch a hairbrush.”

Katherine let the bridge of her nose furrow as a thousand nameless things nibbled at her tummy. She couldn’t think what she had done, but copious reading of Alice’s training manual had suggested that regular maintenance spanking was a desirable practice and she gulped. If that was her governess’s intent then there was nothing either of them could do about it.

For a long second Mary didn’t obey and worked her mouth in confusion. Then with one last glance at Katherine she dipped her head and slowly found her feet.

“Yes Ma’am,” she sighed before marching away.

“Miss Bowman, Ma’am, have I… have we… well I know it is entirely up to you but…?” she shifted in her seat and moistened her lips. Before she could continue Mary returned and the older girl fell silent again.

“Mary,” Alice scolded as she took the brush from Mary’s nervous hands, “You were late getting up this morning and you failed to make your bed.”

Mary blanched and then sucked in her lower lip. “Yes Ma’am,” she agreed.

“From now on neither of you will make the slightest error in any regard,” Alice snapped.

“Yes Ma’am,” they both parroted before Katherine added, “I think we mean, no Ma’am.”

“Then it is understood,” Alice sighed, “Mary come here, I am going to spank you.”

Mary’s jaw dropped and then she closed her mouth and nodded. There was a moment of awkwardness as she moved forward and haplessly half-bent over before Alice slapped her arm and gently held her back.

Mary blushed and still at a standing crouch she reached under her skirt and tugged down her panties. Then as elegantly as she might she eased herself across Alice’s knee as the older woman flipped up the skirts and slip in back.

Katherine help a fidget as she fixed her eyes on Mary’s two pert domes now exposed across Alice’s lap and she felt a hint of giddiness. One day she would have to spank a girl too and just then she hoped it might perhaps be Mary.

“I am going to spank you using what we call the thorough method. Mrs Baxter rarely uses any other way, but I have tended to be more lenient,” Alice explained as she patted Mary’s bare bottom and parted the cheeks slightly. “I will spank you soundly and relentlessly until you are quite, quite miserable and your whole demeanour displays adequate humility. By this time I expect you will be properly crying at the very least. Now where some may call a halt to the spanking at this point I shall not. Taking note of the time it has taken to so reduce you I will spank you for at least as long again. Is that understood?”

“Yes Ma’am,” a rather wooden-voiced Mary answered; her nose just a few inches from the rug.

Katherine thought the explanation somewhat clinical but she got the point and anyway she was here to learn.

Alice was in no hurry and the spanks landed in tight short bursts that didn’t tax the governess’s arm too much. But for seemingly light spanks they got a reaction from Mary all the same and in moments she was yelping and kicking her heels.

“I think we have you somewhere nice and prominent for your corner time, I am not expecting any visitors but principles need to be upheld don’t they? From now on your shame will be as public as possible, you are going to learn,” Alice said sharply as she got into her stride. “That’s another aspect of the thorough method, not only should a spanking be as long thorough and painful as possible, but it should be as public as possible.”

Alice remembered her early treatment at Mrs Baxter’s hand, a grown woman and an ex-WAVE yet, spanked where teenagers and even delivery boys might see her… heat rose and fuelled her steely arm.

Mary squealed and renewed her squirming. But as yet there were no tears or real contrition; after all it wasn’t something one could fake. In the end it took almost 20 minutes to break Mary down and Alice made a note of the time.

“Are you learning your lesson?” she asked the sobbing girl.

“Yes Ma’am, oh yes ma’am,” Mary sobbed between gasps.

Katherine was breathing almost as heavily as Mary and had to cross and re-cross her legs frequently as a distraction. This was better than the movies, she thought to her shame, surely Mary misery shouldn’t be fun.

“Now we can begin,” Alice said sharply as he did her duty.

The spanking turned out to be one of the longest Katherine had so far witnessed. It was quite an education for the both and one neither would ever forget.

To be continued.

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  1. 1 Bex

    Can’t wait for the next instalment of this!

  2. 2 Elena

    Good old times when women spanked each other.

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