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corner time talking

I have had a lot of recent correspondence on this issue. Why are spanking and corner time so indelibly linked? Girls, ever had corner time?

One contributor here once said she spent all day in the corner for lying. Five hours in total I think. Any advance on that?

What about post versus pre-spanking corner time? Or are you taken out at intervals to be re-spanked?

14 Responses to “Talking Point: Corner Time”

  1. 1 Simon

    I enjoy cornertime but 5 hours does seem a trifle excessive. If I am giving a spanking I enjoy seeing a lady with her bottom exposed standing in a corner. Supposedly it is to give her time to reflect on her misdeeds but in reality it’s for my enjoyment. I would have her standing there before, during and after the punishment but it would only be for a few minutes each time, possibly longer if I make a cup of tea or similar. If it is me being punished I welcome a break between stages of the punishment but basically it is an enjoyable part of the ritual/game. What can add a bit of extra spice to cornertime is if there is a witness, someone who is brought in and shown the evidence of punishment.

    • 2 DJ

      I agree! The girl in question said she had been sent to the corner all day for lying and when I challenged her she said it was 5 hours – so only a small exaggeration.

      Ordinarily 30 mins to hour seems enough?

      • 30 minutes to an hour! How about a minute each day of the month so far? So today, that would be…21 minutes! I think that would encourage girls to get all their naughtiness in early in the month, and as the weeks go by you would have a better and better girl, with a cap at 31 minutes.

        You’re welcome, Indigo.

  2. I agree with everybody that 5hours in the corner is too long,plus I like the picture too.

  3. I have been placed in the corner before a spanking, but I think of it as more as preparatory time and not as corner time. Sometimes the person who was about to spank me was not even present yet and I was to meditate on my misdeeds or failure to do what I should have done and then think about the punishment that my bare bottom would soon endure.

    After the spanking (or similar punishment) I would be returned to the corner, usually required to lace fingers behind head so my scorched bottom would be visible. There have been times I was required to face the room and not the corner however, or to face sideways so that profiles of my bottom as well as my front were visible. I agree with Simon that the presence of a third person adds to the experience–the humiliation and in some sense the arousal if that is what is happening.

    The duration of my post-spanking corner time is usually about 15-20 minutes. Five hours definitely seems a lot to me.

  4. 6 Becky

    Typically I get 15-30 minutes before spanking, caning or strapping to reflect on my failings and let me dwell on the pain and humiliation to come. After I get 30-60 minutes with hands on my head or fingertips on my shoulder with my reddened behind on display, knickers down and skirt or dress pinned up. This gives me time to collect myself, gather the learning of not offending again and of course be humiliated in front of HoH and sometimes his mother which adds to my shame. Once I failed to take my caning so I served the punishment twice meaning I spent about 3 hours total in the corner surrounding two canings which was horrible. Of course I also was further punished formally for failing to take my original caning earning me yet further spells with my nose against the wall.

    • 7 DJ

      That sounds effective – but I suggest not every time or a girl might get used to it. 😉

  5. 8 Svetlana

    Cornertime for 15 to 30 minutes right before or after a spanking makes it very hard to think about anything else. It is an amazingly simple trick to help create the right mindset for a punishment and focus on the sense of redemption that comes from having been punished.

    Any cornertime beyond 30 minutes is, to me, an effective punishment even without a spanking. It may also be a good exercise in patience, but I find it hard to look at it that way for more than a few minutes when I’m facing a wall. Anything beyond an hour involves quite a bit of physical discomfort just from having to stand for that long. When you have to kneel or raise your arms somewhere, things become uncomfortable much sooner.

    Five hours is something I have a hard time even imagining. My “personal best” was a little more than two and a half hours and I had lost all sense of time when I was done. That was almost a decade ago. In a way, I miss those experimental years when I had less responsibilities, more time to explore things. The sense of adventure and the companionship of other girls was really great sometimes. Still, that stint in the corner is something I do not want to experience it again, much less to top. I do wish I had experienced the interval thing. I want to know what the middle intervals (that are pre- and post-spanking cornertimes at the same time) feel like. Maybe one day …

    • 9 DJ

      two and a half hours in the corner is some experiemnt 😉

    • 10 Svetlana

      Well, it was more a test of obedience. Still, when you are not too sure yet just how kinky you are, it is a lot easier to try things when you think of them as “experiments”. 🙂

  6. 12 PDBB

    As a point of fact there were discipline *programs* out there that placed difficult or non-cooperative *enrollies* in extended time outs and called it being cornered. The unfortunate rebellious girl [some of whom were in their late teens and in a few cases beginning twenties] were forced to remain either at attention or seated staring at a bare wall for most of the day. Continue to act out or be defiant upped the punishment level.[Something these programs had the imagination and propensity to do].
    Fail to reevaluate your behavior as instructed and comply with the established rules and your time was extended with one more thing to feel sorry about. I know for a fact, one very rebellious young lady who experienced this *enhanced* corner time. She spent the day from wake up to lights out, was placed in rubber pants and given a *preliminary diaper rash starter condition* and not even allowed out for bathroom privileges. Her recalcitrance and defiance was held to a minimum for most of her remaining internment. rd

  7. 13 susie

    I often have to spend time in a corner waiting for my spanking as well as time after it.

  8. 14 Becky

    Susie I get the same when it is a punishment spanking or something more severe in terms of corporal punishment. For maintenance spankings I usually only get time in the corner/facing the wall after the application. This allows me to recover as well as reflect on how I still require regular discipline to maintain my self-discipline and fulfil my submissive role.

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