Weekly Round-Up


1wr bunny-bucket-6 1wr ct 1wr ct2 1wr over-his-knee 1wr palm 1wr pank 1wr pic04Thanks to everyone who has emailed me and made comments. I have had some interesting correspondence, some of it even on topic; more about that another time.

Chross and Bonnie have started posting again, so it’s not the silly season everywhere yet.

Vanilla Spanking, to which I linked last week, has a F/F take on Taming of the Shrew, with pictures from various productions over the last few decades.

I discovered Vanilla Spanking vie the Spank Statement, which has a short clip showing a recent UK TV production with a father daughter spanking. The actress is 23, in case some where concerned and she seems to be a real brat.

Lots of interesting pictures from around, sources include: Dallas, Able, Starlets, All Things Spanking, CutiePie, Scarlet’s Real Magic and Spanking Blogg. I particularly like the one that gives a whole new meaning to palm spanking.

One Response to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. I love the pictures especially the one holding the paddle in her hand.

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