Weekly Round-Up


1 wr rsi 1wr 2 1wr able 1wr About41 1wr asking_bj004 1wr Capture d’écran 2015-07-04 à 17.18.37 1wr kordelia-devonshire-spanked 1wr Spanking Meredith 1wr SPANKING1-640x448 1wr swimming-poolAs ever I have been very busy and I have been trying to queue up some material before the holidays. I still haven’t answered comments properly and that goes for email too. But I think that is the story all around at the moment.

Speaking of stories, the Discipline of the Desert has been published and is ready for sale as a spanking romance.
There is also talk of finally publishing Magic, I know there has been some interest.

Pictures this week are from: Dallas, Abel, CutiePie, Real Spanking Institute, Mainstream Spanking, Ronnie Soul, Devlin O’Neil, About Spanking, Firm Hand and Stan.

5 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 solicitus

    Just a small correction, which I don’t want to make a very big deal about.

    Your courteous list of credits at the foot of the roundup says that one of the images comes from Valdor’s blog, the Spank Statement; but the associated link leads to my blog, Vanilla Spanking. The two blogs are not one and the same: it’s true that some of my material was first published on the Spank Statement, but they are now distinct entities and have slightly different core principles and raisons d’etre.

    None of the pictures in your roundup come from Vanilla Spanking because – as the title implies – I only present ‘mainstream’ material. Thanks for the link, anyway … even though this time it’s only there by mistake!

  2. In my opinion, the first and the fourth pictures are particularly noteworthy: the first because the position of the disciplined girl is if not unique than certainly not common when compared to the positions we typically see in such pictures and her mussed hair that is suggestive of the ordeal she no doubt underwent during her correction and the fourth due to the fear so apparent on her face and in her clenched hands, fear that is no doubt justified because of the wooden paddle that is about to come crashing down into her soft flesh.

  1. 1 Hold tight « Grumpy old fart!!!

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