Weekly Round-Up


wr 13023_053 wr BARE-BOTTOM-Copy-2 wr Bath-Brush-Spanking wr pic05 (4) wr Spanking Mags wr tumblr_nq4obu41DU1qjuse9o1_500 wr tumblr_nr1dt6dRz41tw3dolo1_1280I have two PCs and neither is very well. One is positively sick and I am having to blog on my business PC. These things happen, but I thought I had better explain my slow response to comments, emails and the lack of posts recently.

I know what is wrong, I just need time (and a stable PC) to spec up and order a new one in the hopes that the lap top lasts that long.

So assuming I get enough time to finish this post, here is this week’s round-up.

Pandora has run in to some hot water with the so-called regulator who has effectively outted her. Pandora’s point is that seedy ‘factory’ porn is being allowed to pass and that she has been singled out for publishing ethical erotica. You can read about it here.

I also have to say something about the weather (I am British after all). It has been hot here; Indigo commented that it has been ‘foreign’ hot. I noticed that car said it was 32 centigrade outside on one evening and this was 9 o’clock. Not sure what that is in old money (Fahrenheit), but it has to be warm. Luckily we have air con.

The upside of this is that shorts have been getting shorter, not that I have noticed any spanked bottoms yet, but believe me here in London if they had of been you would be able to tell.

Pictures this week are from: Spanking Toons, Firm Hand, Scarlet’s Real Magic, CutiePie, About, Real Spanking and GBS.

3 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 scunge

    32C=89.6F I asked Google on my phone!

  2. 3 scunge

    I also want to say that 89.6F can be hot or not depending on where you live in the USA,in the DelMarVa area for instance it is extremely humid (DelMarVa=Delaware,Maryland,Virginia)so 89.6 can feel horrid,but out here in the MidWest (I live in Detroit Michigan) 89.6 is really not that bad because our humidity level is so much less. We don’t even feel the need for AC in our house,which by the way is 125 years old,fans have been just fine. While in DelMarVa if you don’t have AC you end up going to places that do have it just to breathe!

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