Weekly Round-Up


wr 327 wr about wr casual-work-ass-500x380 wr cesuevoitlefesseur wr pic08 wr power_girl_spanks_ms_marvel_spanking_toons wr shameful-spankings wr spanking-red-bottom-640x448 wr tumblr_n5xdq4M1WE1qz76fxo1_1280 wr women tennisSummer isn’t being kind and I have so much to do. All I can say is that that seems to be the story all around judging from the paucity of substantive non-picture posts in spankville.

Here are some of the pictures out there this week taken from: GBS, Dallas, Abel, Spanking Blogg, Ronnie Soul, Cutiepie, Chicago Spanking Review, Stan, All Things Spanking, About Spanking and Acknowledging Imperfection.

3 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 3rd one down. Girl with a red, well spanked butt, reaching for books with papers all over her desk in an office. It speaks to me.
    Also note the cushion on the vacant chair next to her. Was hers yesterday?

  2. 2 Raffe

    Second picture, I guess she thought she is safe until they get home.

  3. I like all pictures and also agree with Raffe andOHM too.

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