Top Ten things Tops Say To Make A Girl Bite Her Lip and Blush



1) Why don’t you tell me about it? 

I dislike this because he does it in such a relaxed way. He says it like it doesn’t matter and like I am telling him nothing that will lead him to spank seven bells out of me in the next ten minutes

2) Be quiet
Dreadful words. It means the explanation ship has sailed. There is nothing I can say to sway him because he has made up his mind. It also means I really have to start being good – this is not the time to be a brat.

3) Don’t fidget.
These words means I am in the corner. It means my knickers are a distant memory. It may well mean my bum is red and swollen. I will certainly be feeling quite sorry for myself. And, horror of horrors, it means he can see me, he is telling me off and I am going to obey him without question. I have nervous butterflies just writing this.

4) Come here.
This makes me want to sulk. I am very certain that I should say “No, thank you.” or just run away. Part of me thinks I might get kissed if I obey but most of me is more realistic.

indigo15) Bend over
Simple and embarrassingly old school but it still makes a girl’s heart sink. I heard these words far too recently except they were preceded by an instruction to remove my knickers. I almost cried. I don’t want to bend over- if he must do it I want to be over his lap but bending over means I can’t even have that.

6) Now then, young lady, let’s see how sorry you really are
The thing is, I am sorry. I really, really am and I will have said it by now. I want him to stop now and he won’t have so much have touched me. Also, being called “young lady” makes me feel like I am a school girl and whilst that feels cool to write about it is quite scary to feel like that at moments like this.

7) You are going to count these.
I am excellent at counting. I don’t need the practise. I am not sure why I have to count and I dare not ask because he will tell me and I am certain the answer would make me blush. Also it means if I get mad and lose my submission he will hear it in my voice so I can’t even do that.

8) Yes what?
The answer is “Yes, Sir.” I don’t think he can have any idea how embarrassing to say “Sir” because if he did I am sure he would not make me say it. I feel completely at a disadvantage when I have to use that word. He is making far too clear for my liking who is in charge. And it’s not me.

9) You’re right to be scared
He could lie. I am there, bottom up and knickerless waiting for him to do his scary Top thing in his scary Top way and I know it’s going to hurt so I tell him I am scared. He could lie. Or better still, he could change his mind.

10) If you move or if you swear the stroke won’t count
Who makes up those rules? It is heaping obedience and self control on top of everything else. It’s not just that he is going to spank me or cane me or birch or whatever else has formed in his dark mind but he is demanding I obey him against all my better instincts. And he says it so calmly and with such authority that I do everything I can to do just as he says.

11) * Nothing- just points to his lap or where ever else I am supposed to be bent over
I know that should not count because this is a list of ten things he says but when he has stopped talking that means he is looking at me and I am certain I will be looking at the ground. I want to stop thinking about this now. I am hanging my head in shyness.

*Of course there are 11 of them. I am a brat- you didn’t really expect me to obey the rules, did you?



10 Responses to “Top Ten things Tops Say To Make A Girl Bite Her Lip and Blush”

  1. 1 MrJ

    Excuse me – is there any good time to brat?
    I guess these are the Then Things a Brat Nerds to Hear. .

    • 2 Athena

      Spoken like a true top! 😣

      • 3 DJ

        Thanks to everyone for all their kind comments – Indigo is absolutely girly about your responses (bouncing up and down and the like) 🙂

        At some point she will probably steal my login and comment herself in my name – grrr but until then thanks again. 😀

  2. 4 Richard

    Love the pictures they match perfactly with the words which are so very descriptive Thanks again for a great posting

  3. I agree withMJ and Richard and also liked the pictures.

  4. 6 Lily

    “You are going to count these” should be followed by lots of kisses, don’t you think?

  5. This is so shivery real Indigo…. God, that moment just before when you know how much it’s going to hurt. Brrrrrrrrrrr…… What I can never get my head around at those moments is how much T is going to ENJOY my predicament….


  6. 8 Svetlana

    Some of these (# 2, 4, 6 and 7 specifically) sound uneasily familiar. (I wonder whether I should count myself lucky that there is no real equivalent to “Sir” in my language.)

  7. 9 Kami

    Indigo Sigh, you’re my favorite brat. 😀

  8. 10 Athena

    Love, love, love this. You nailed it, gave me butterflies too! I think I’m going to be re-reading this a lot!

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