Weekly Round-Up


2wr asking_bg003 2wr cat-woman-spanked 2wr ct 2wr girls-spanking 2wr otk 2wr pensive-look-tat-500x322 2wr The senior caneThings are not always what one expects. I mean here we are a week away from mid-summer and summer hasn’t fully got going. It is an odd idea of the middle when three weeks after it starts you get to a point where there can often be three months left to go.

The upside is that I had plans for a summer schedule of stories and I haven’t got started yet. If it really was halfway through that would be a sad do all round. Anyway about that, I am under some obligation to finish the Sinclair Method. I would also like to finish Ad Astra and then return to Raw.

More Abraham Heights is on the way and one or two other projects maybe.

There isn’t too much to report on the rest of Spankville although I did finally see the Outlander episode with the spanking. The scene was funny and erotically well handled, falling just this side of spousal abuse allowing for the setting (not suggest you it try it this way at home mind you). But the aftermath was a bit PC and slightly at variance with the way they had developed the characters thus far. Nonetheless the husband and wife were allowed to eventually laugh about it and he even admitted he enjoyed doing it.

Talking of mainstream spanking references, Richard Windsor has the Mary Pickford Pollyanna article for those who like the backstory.

Pictures this week are from: Real Spankings, Firm Hand Spankings, Scarlet’s Real Magic, Cutiepie, Beauty and the Birch, All Things Spanking, About Spanking and Spanking Toons.

6 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. I liked the story and the pictures of the naughty girls.

  2. 2 Ansh

    That’s brilliant and I’m really looking forward to it, but, once again, Angela? Don’t forget her? Please?

  3. 3 Ken

    I like weekly round up nice red bums . Good job . Spanker ken .

  4. 4 richard

    It has been rainy here hope next month is too like the way the desert one finish and consequences keep up the good work Enjoy indego each week insight into the other half is always good

  5. 5 VegasGary

    The thing I found incongruous about the Outlander episode was the anachronistic attitude of Claire, who is supposed to have been born in 1918, and would therefore have grown up in England between the wars. Would a woman of that time really have been so shocked by the use of corporal punishment?

    • 6 DJ

      That is one of the criticisms levelled at the aftermath scenes and her prolonged sullen attitude – the other is that she so far thrown herself into the way of life accepting even getting drenched in urine during the manual fulling scene and other indignities. So you have a point.

      However, on the other hand she is 27 and has been an officer in the army… I think the spanko friendly feminists were divided on this too judging by the comments elsewhere.

      I think safe to say for this audience it feels clumsily handled, but looking from a mainstream point of view is not entirely implausible.

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