indigo-signature-bannerThis is what I know about time.

When you are in trouble and waiting to be told off that is when time sits in front of you and smiles. It knows what you want and what you don’t want and how those are one and the same and it simply decides not to move so that it can deride all the pleasure possible from watching the contortions you make as you wait. It is a big brother dolling out a Chinese burn and laughing as you call out. It is the waves that pushes you over so you fall as you paddle in the sea. It teases, it will not hurt you but all the same you would like to slap it silly. But you can’t. You are already in trouble.

01timeIn a corner, red faced and nervous, time stretches like mozzarella on your pizza when you are on a date.

When you are bent over a table with your knickers around your ankles and a cane viewing your bottom as its prey then time is a spring- too long, too short, and alternating with a grim monotone threat.

When you are kissing the one you adore time flutters away from you, as sand through your fingertips.

When you walk away from the one you love, into the gaze of strangers and the anonymity of travel, then time stops. It doesn’t bother for a while. Tick does follow tock (as an old advert used to say) and your heart still beats and your breath staggers in and out but time doesn’t bother. There is no point. There is no meaning.

Except that is not true. It feels like that. It hurts so much to remember how to remember how it feels to walk away from DJ (when we used to live apart) that writing about it now makes me feel sick and want to cry. But it is not true.

Time will not stop.

Since the moment you were born your stars were aligned, your course set and your destination known and there is nothing you can do about it. Or maybe that is not true, maybe we create our own destiny but either way time is in motion and there is no stopping it. You are on the journey, don’t fight it.

Like the moment the cane is released on its journey to skin contact, there is a destiny there, acceptance is irrelevant to reality.

Time will not stop – you will become who you are if only you let go and allow the change to happen.

Time will not stop, it will walk with you and you will walk with it. 01time4


10 Responses to “Time”

  1. 1 Michael Cane

    I di love your writings very much. So much of what you have shared recently has really struck a chord with me and my sub. You see, we have fallen for each other from afar, different continents actually. I have shared these with her and we are both moved and amused by your words. We are meeting for the first time this coming Saturday. Nervous anticipation and entire hoards of butterflies. Thankyou so much for your heartfelt and beautiful outpourings.


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    • 2 DJ

      Sorry – I had a reply to this but it got eaten. 😦

      Good luck and I hope yesterday went well. 🙂

  2. Indigo – you truly are the poet of D/s!

    I’m getting married in 2 weeks to the love of my life and your post is so pertinent. I want the time to fly by and stand still so I can come to terms with all the enormous feelings it brings up. We too were separated for a time. An agonising time… The depths of submissive connection are not to be trifled with!

    God, I look forward to Wednesdays and your posts…


  3. Everything you say is just how it truly is. You write with such honesty that it never fails to move me. Your voice is like the chiming of a bell.

  4. I like the story and the fact that the girls are meant to bend over and take their punishments. I like all of the pictures especially the1st one where she is bent over naked.

  5. You are so prolific. Great writing once again.
    Peace and Love

  6. 10 MrJ

    Beautiful and accurate words. Thank you.
    We are not living in time- we are living time, constituting it as we constitute our selves and our relationships.

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