Weekly Round-Up


1wr 21PERMISSSUB-master675 1wr About13
1wr DreamsofSpanking 1wr GBS
1wr Paddled Secretary 1wr rosiewants1 1wr RS 1wr scarlet 1wr spanking111wr broken cane1wr juno_dl_6First off sorry about missing the Round-Up last week, these things happen when one is busy but I had intended to at least post a no post, but as you might guess I had no chance for that even.

This is a shame because I had a few interesting things most of which I will pass over, but one or two pictures have been sneaked in above from the previous missed week.

One of the items was sent in by Scarlet was a link to the New York Times review about Permission a theatrical satire on CDD and spanking in the age of 50 Shades. I had hoped, and may still, post about this – but for now you can read the article here. There is also a link on the page to an article on the costume props used for the spanking scenes (ie the padded underwear etc).

I chanced upon another post too at Richard Windsor where he talks about his blog structure and visitor numbers. I won’t rehash what he wrote you can it check out yourself if the mechanics of blogging is of interest. But I did notice that he had a massive spike in the figures around January 2013. I too had such a spike and like with Richard my individual daily figures have not matched it since. Although his blog shows the long term trend is slowly upwards taken over a year, as is A Voice in the Corner’s, but both patterns are very similar even allowing for the disparity in numbers when comparing both blogs. That is, when comparing our blogs although we don’t have the same levels of visitors we find that the trend in traffic virtually the same.

Of course this may be a coincidence, a sample of two is not a trend, but I am wondering if it is another part of the 50 Shades affect. Did 10s of thousands of extra visitors, in the case of A Voice, suddenly do a search for spanking over those weeks?

Moving on, recently Indigo also showed me video clip on Scarlet’s blog, which I now can’t find, that shows a realistic marital OTK session with what looks like real people. She said it was ‘scary’ and wondered if she looked like that being spanked. It was good to see some real people in action as opposed to just the beautiful people.

Now as for the rest of the Round-Up I have focussed this week on the professionals. After all they do have a living to make and where would we all be without their wonderful pictures. Dallas just finished a 2 for 1 deal which I meant to plug last week (sorry again) but keep your eyes peeled no doubt another offer will come around soon.

Pictures this week are from: AAA, Dreams of Spanking, Dallas Spanks Hard, Firm Hand Spanking, Girls’ Boarding School, Heart and Soul, Beauty and the Birch, Scarlet’s Real Magic, Cutiepie, and About Spanking.

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