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Vintage Sunday


Part 1 can be found here. Megan was in freefall. There had to be a way out, but just then she didn’t see it. Maybe the king was just trying to scare her and she could cut a deal. Maybe if she agreed not to write an exposé or perhaps she could get word to […]



One way or another she fills my day. She goes out and I stay, working from the attic as I struggle with correspondence and a tricky client or two. Then breaking away I face the kitchen for the first tea of my morning. I find bottle tops not replaced and keys left discarded where no […]

I have encountered a lot of woman at the stages I have been at, as though they are on the road I have travelled, the women are resting with tired feet and dusty clothes. I listen to them and hear every word I have said myself at their stage. It made me see a pattern […]

Part 1 can be found here. Megan felt groggy to the point of nausea, but she couldn’t work the spit up to swallow, let alone vomit away the dry bitter taste in her mouth. Even her eyes failed her as it was too bright to open them and the darkness only offered a spinning increase […]

Weekly Round-Up


This post should have been better entitled ‘The PC ate my article.’ This damn lap-top has eaten this week’s efforts along with two hours of my time and I had such dainty prose for you. I don’t know where the images are from – the links too were lost. One of them is a message […]

Vintage Sunday


Just a little joke to lighten the day. I should have offered this to Hermione for caption contest. The still is a promo from the 1930 movie Are You There, the girl is Olga Baclanova (note the hand mirror on the bed). This still came from my vintage movie collection but it was already featured on […]

Pagan Spanking


Spring has sprung and spanking is the air. But before the Catholics made it all about guilt and punishment, physical chastisement was seen as a sacred and magical act. In ancient Rome and Greece women would go to the temple to be spanked for fertility’s sake. Another ritual involved switching the bare bottoms of slave […]

It was the sudden sensation of skin. The moment where the lace ended and the pale skin shared its warmth with her finger tip, that was altered everything. Her mouth opened as she pushed her lover’s lips apart, forcing them to yield, tongue inside the girl’s mouth.  She pushed her back against the wall, her […]