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  1. Thanks for another interesting Vintage Sunday πŸ˜‰

  2. All four ofthem require30-45 minutes corner time after their punishments.

    • 4 DJ

      or even a full hour πŸ˜‰

      Becky got off lightly (see below) πŸ™‚

  3. 5 Becky

    I have just spent 45 minutes this afternoon with my dress and cardigan raised, knickers around my ankles and hands on my head whilst my HoH and mother-in-law enjoyed coffee. It was very humiliating so the last picture is very close to home.

    • Oh to have been a fly on the wall πŸ˜€

      • 7 Svetlana

        The one thing I don’t need when facing a wall for an extended period of time is a fly sitting there and mocking me because she can leave any time she wants to.

    • 8 DJ

      I am glad you are in firm hands.

  4. 9 cindy2

    Becky, could you by chance overhear the conversation between your HoH and your mother-in-law and if you could, did any of it involve you, the discipline you had received, and comments they may have made about the image you presented to them, your dress and cardigan raised, knickers lowered, hands on head, your punished bottom shamelessly on display?

  5. 10 Becky

    Cindy, I could hear what they were speaking about which included me. As my Mother-in-law had arrived after my spanking with hand and hairbrush my HoH was giving her the full details of my offence and the sanctions applied including this initial spanking. This of course only furthers the humiliation of the deservedly childish punishments I am now serving.

    • Becky, I can just imagine the further humiliation that you experienced as your HoH recounted to your Mother-in-law the details of your offenses and the sanctions applied, especially as she could full well observe you exposed, hands on head, knickers lowered, and a well-punished bottom. Would you feel comfortable, as best as you can remember, tell us what he told her about your offences, the sanctions applied, how he positioned you, etc.? I would suspect, since your Mother-in-law was receptive to learn about these things, your HoH may have been quite explicit, telling her things that may have exacerbated your shame. It is not my purpose to further your embarrassment, but rather to more fully understand the emotional state in which you found yourself.

  6. 12 DJ

    Thanks all πŸ™‚

  7. 13 Becky

    HoH did not hold back anything of my offences as I stood hands-on-head, dress and cardigan pinned up, knickers around my ankles and my nose firmly to the corner. We have agreed that although I will not be caned or spanked in front of his mother we will be more overt about my disciplining should I misbehave so this was further humiliation I deserved. He told her I had been curt and somewhat rude at Church about suggestions from one of the Council members for next Bank Holiday Monday’s Church Fete and in addition I had been dressed somewhat untidily and in a less plain manner than I need to do. There was no excuse for my rudeness and dressing in a tight V-neck sweater, blouse undone at the neck and with my hair only loosely swept back because I had got up late and had to rush to join HoH at Church was my fault. He gave her the full details of the punishments I was to receive – grounded for two weeks, early bed time as my surly behaviour sometimes comes from being tired (9 pm weekdays, 8 pm weekend), mouth wash before bed every night, extra time spent organising the Fete, apologise to Mrs. Davies for my rudeness, clothing when not at work to be specified by HoH, punishment spanking with hairbrush (which had proceeded my corner time) followed by a minimum of two further punishment spankings per week for 2 weeks. I could hear agreeing with what he had done. He also discussed whether he should have put me in school uniform and she said perhaps he should have. I certainly felt lucky to have avoided this given my clothing offence. She said he should not spare me in making me plain and that if I failed any clothing check I should be straight into school uniform which I could hear him say he would. It was as I am sure you can imagine a very humiliating experience in addition to the childish situation I had already placed myself in. When my time was complete HoH lectured me still on my head in front of his Mother before sending me to spend two hours of the Sunday afternoon writing lines. I am obviously still being punished, as I deserve, and he is not sparing me on the clothing specification. It is a warm day here but I am in a navy wool dress, knee socks, grey pinafore tunic and long navy cardigan with my hair in a bun. I am sure you have been punished too and although I hate it I know I deserve the discipline including the increased display in front of my Mother-in-Law.

  8. Becky, thank you for the forthcoming way in which you described how your HoH explained to his mother your childish behavior and how he set about to correct you in order to place you on the proper path. It appears that you have a quite loving HoH, one committed to your well being. I am sure it was not easy–indeed it must have been quite difficult and embarrassing–for you to admit to me, to DJ, and to everyone who reads his site, your shortcomings and the corrections your HoH used to help you. I am speculating here and stand to be corrected if I am wrong but it seems that your HoH may have concluded that your imperfections in large measure stem from an immaturity and that the most effective way of helping you is by applying corrective measures usually reserved for someone much younger than yourself, e.g., bare bottom spankings with hairbrush, corner time, writing of lines, early bedtimes, mouth washings, lectures in front of his mother, and at least the consideration of requiring you to dress in school uniform. I would be so curious to know the substance of a line you were required to write.

    I can indeed imagine your humiliation and how that humiliation was magnified many times over due to the presence of your Mother-in-law. You are quite right that I too have been punished. I was initially punished by my mother and although I find this fact difficult to admit, the correction continued long after I suspect many parents correct their offspring. Although I am on my own now and working (and have been for a short time), I lived at home during college and my mother paid for my tuition and books and provided me with shelter and sustenance. She is not poor but neither is she well off by any means and required that I study and perform my share of household duties. I am afraid at times that I let her down and was subjected to punishments befitting someone much younger than myself. Yet I have to admit I behaved much more like someone much younger than I was. At times my mother entertained, usually one lady but at times two or three at a time, and the discipline I received was witnessed by my mother’s friends. I’m sure you can imagine the added embarrassment I experienced in these situations.

  9. Becky, thank you for being so forthcoming in describing your offences and the methods that your HoH uses to correct you. I suspect that sharing the details in this public forum only intensifies your embarrassment and I appreciate your willingness to share nevertheless. I must say, however, that it appears that he really cares about you. I am speculating–and may be wrong and stand to be corrected–that your HoH may have determined that your misdeeds stem from an immaturity and that the most effective way of guiding you onto the proper path is to employ methods of chastisement normally reserved for those much younger than yourself, e.g., bare bottom spankings with hairbrush, corner time, mouth wash (soapings?), early bedtimes, writing lines, groundings, lecturing in front of your Mother-in-law, and the possibility of requiring you to wear school uniforms. If I may be so bold, would you be willing to share with us the content of the line you are required to write?

    You are correct that I have also been punished. And as embarrassing as it is to admit, the chastisement continued beyond the age that most mothers stop punishing their daughters. Although I am currently on my own and working (and have been for a short time), I lived at home when I attended college and my mother paid for my tuition and books as well as providing shelter and sustenance. All she asked is that I study and share housework responsibilities with her. I am afraid I let her down on more than one occasion, giving my studies short shrift and allowing my grades to slip and failing to keep up my side of the bargain with regard to the housework. My mother punished me with scoldings, over-the-knee and other types of spankings, and corner time. On a number of occasions other ladies my mother would entertain were witness to my embarrassing punishments. What is even more embarrassing to admit is that despite the fact that I now live by myself and am self supporting, I sometimes feel emotionally that I still need my mother and have asked her on more than one occasion to help me by giving me the “special love” she has given me in the past.

  10. 16 Becky

    Cindy, The line was, “I deserve to be spanked, do corner time, be grounded, write lines, be told what to wear, have my mouth washed and be sent to bed early like a naughty little girl because of my immature, selfish, disrespectful, childish and rude behaviour at Church this morning”. Having to sit on a hard stool with a well spanked behind writing this out 100 times was a further salutatory lesson.

    Were you ever told what to wear or sent to bed in front of your mother’s friends?

  11. 17 Becky

    Line was basically, “I deserve to be grounded, spanked regularly, do corner time, have my mouth washed with soap, do written punishments, be told what to wear, apologise publically for my misbehaviour, do extra Church work and be sent to bed early because of my rude, immature, childish and selfish behaviour in front of Mrs. Davies”. I had to write this out 100 times taking two hours sat on a hard stool with my well spanked behind. Another deserved lesson.

  12. I can imagine, Becky, that writing that long line out 100 times while sitting on a hard stool was quite difficult for you, especially with your well spanked behind. Yes, she gave you a multitude of deserved lessons. Yes there were times where I was sent to bed in front of my mother’s friends and told when I enter my bedroom I would see what my mother chose for me to wear the next day. And this was particularly embarrassing–when my mother required me to don that clothing that same evening and model it in the presence of my mother’s friends. The clothing was not exactly clothing that I would chose of my own accord. It was childish clothing, clothing that my mother chose for me no doubt to drive home the point that if I’m to act like a child, then I’m to dress like a child. The smirks on the faces of my mother’s friends was particularly shaming. I think I would have preferred if they told me what they thought. Instead, they smirked and I knew what they thought and in my own mind probably made it even worse. When on occasion I still see my mother’s friends, I don’t really know if they are smiling because they are glad to see me or they are smirking, recalling the humiliating experiences they saw me endure. But I realize I brought on those experiences on myself because of my immaturity. I must admit that I haven’t yet fully cleansed myself of my immaturity.

  13. 20 Becky

    It is “good” to hear that I am not alone in being punished by and gaining the benefits from suffering the childish imposition of having clothing chosen for me. I had to suffer this as part of my recent sanctions although, as I said, thankfully I was spared school uniform. This meant I spent all day at the Church fair on Bank Holiday working serving tea and food as part of my penance. To make it worse it was really hot but I had been told to wear an ankle length grey smock, a knee length navy waistcoat and a long green cardigan jacket all the time with of course my hair in a bun and no make-up. I could see people looking at me sweating dressed like someone from an autumn day in the 1970s a I am sure some of then must have guessed my predicament. As you say it is very humbling but of course is what I need. I am certainly trying to make sure I don’t offend in any way. HoH is helping by keeping my maintenance spankings frequent and harsh with corner time attached to give me time to reflect as I need to on my misconduct.

    • 21 Gemma

      Being made to dress in unfashionable, uncomfortable and plain clothing by your HoH or mother-in-law sounds like and an excellent punishment for any young wife struggling to meet the requirements of her role. Does your HoH buy your punishment clothing or does he make you do this as part of your punishment?

  14. 23 Becky

    The items I was wearing were not punishment clothing but items from my normal wardrobe when not at work. In this case I was having my non-work clothing specified as part of a punishment and my HoH by his selection of these items under the circumstances I was to wear them did make an example of me as I deserved.

    When we first married and we agreed the rules for my behaviour I was clear that as part of my submissive role out of work I wished to dress in a conservative and plain way. This meant no trousers, dress or skirt reaching below the knee, long sleeves, collar buttoning at the neck, plain muted colours, flat shoes, etc.. I used to buy clothing which met these rules. Over time due to my failure to meet these standards and also not being able to occupy my time in a suitable manner the rules have quite rightly been more restrictive and onerous for me. I now make all my own non-work clothing. This is dress, skirts, blouses as above. I never wear a jacket as that is too fashionable. If I need further layers I wear a sweater, waistcoat or cardigan which I have hand knitted. If I need further layers e.g. when going out in winter, I have some knee length cardigan jackets as well as wool gloves, scarves and hats. When I behave I am free to wear my choice from this wardrobe I have made so they are not punishment clothing but what I think a submissive wife like myself needs. I do not like wearing wool so I have had to accept a level of humiliation when I need to wear an extra layer. The only punishment clothing I have is the school uniforms I have made and am sometimes confined to if my behaviour is very bad.

  15. 24 Gem

    Wow Becky you are a real example of someone who is taking her role as a submissive wife seriously. Am I right to think of you wearing a grey ankle length dress and a long think wool cardi with no make-up and your hair scraped back as your normal appearance? I think you should try and publish your behaviour more widely as a model for what other wives could aspire to. You say you make all your own clothes for outside of work – does this mean you have lots to choose from even if unstylish or is having a limited choice a further restriction you embrace? I assume this approach also helps you fulfil your role as you spend time doing needlework e.g. knitting and sewing.

    What is it about wearing wool you don’t like in particular – the feeling or just the general dated, sloppy and baggy look it makes you have?

    I can’t imagine how humiliating being made to make a school girl uniform must have been let alone being made to wear it – does this happen often?

    I am sure not alone in admiring how seriously you are taking your role even if it is what you want and deserve.

  16. You are quite right, Gem. You are indeed not alone in admiring how seriously Becky accepts her role. Becky, in my view, stands as a role model as to how such a girl should conduct herself and I admire her. I wonder how many more of us share similar sentiments–my suspicion is far more than many people might think. It wouldn’t surprise me in fact if some women who are quite prominent in fact harbor such needs and desires and in the right circumstances might in fact act out those needs and desires.

  17. 26 Becky

    Gem, I think your picture of me is reasonable although a lot of the time I am smarter than you are imagining even if plainly dressed. I would be happy for you to share my experiences with others or perhaps even post them myself if you indicate where might be appropriate. I would say I have a reasonable selection of skirts, dresses, sweaters, cardigans, etc. to choose from but certainly less than the amount of casual clothing I used to own and this is appropriate to my role. I hate wearing wool because when I was younger in the council home if we misbehaved we sometimes had to spend the weekend doing menial chores and were confined to wearing a grey dress and matching grey woollen cardigan both of which were very rough on the skin. I had to wear these all weekend including when we all went to Church on Sunday.

    I hate wearing school uniform for obvious reasons and do everything to behave in a way which avoids me needing to be punished in this way. I would say I have worn it no more than ten times in the last 3 years.

  18. 27 Gem

    Becky – I am sure some of the contributors will be able to suggest sites where you could share your submissive conditions, experiences and deserved punishments more widely. Given your child hood experience I think submitting yourself to self confinement to a plain dress and woollen cardigans a lot of the time shows your commitment to behave appropriately even more. When you have been punished to you find yourself again dressed like in the home in a grey dress and cardigan and made to do chores – that must be an awful experience for you?

  19. 28 Becky

    Gem, Apologies for the slow reply. Amongst my casual wardrobe I do have a plain grey dress and a couple of long grey cardis which I wear even when not being punished. As a submissive wife I do all the housework – cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking, etc. so I am frequently doing chores dressed in this way but this is in keeping with my desired role although it does remind me sometimes of my childhood punishments, Hopefully someone may suggest some places I could post.

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