I told you not to vote for the SNP


maid spanking mistressJust a little joke to lighten the day. I should have offered this to Hermione for caption contest.

The still is a promo from the 1930 movie Are You There, the girl is Olga Baclanova (note the hand mirror on the bed). This still came from my vintage movie collection but it was already featured on a Weekly Round-up back in January as taken from Richard Windsor.

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard for UK democracy and congratulations to the SNP and the Tories. And my commiserations to everyone else. NB: you can deduce nothing from this about how I voted.

Oh and to the rest of the world outside the UK – just talk among yourselves – the Brits just had a election. Well yesterday we had religion… I thought today, what the hell?

3 Responses to “I told you not to vote for the SNP”

  1. Enjoyed the post.

  2. 3 MrJ

    Fortunately, there are some constants in British culture.

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