Fantasy: imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained


It was the sudden sensation of skin. The moment where the lace ended and the pale skin shared its warmth with her finger tip, that was altered everything.

Her mouth opened as she pushed her lover’s lips apart, forcing them to yield, tongue inside the girl’s mouth.  She pushed her back against the wall, her hands leaving her thighs and running up her back into the long brown hair of her lover.

They kissed furiously, each with a thigh between the other’s legs, skirts riding up creating an obscene display of lust. She found herself pushed and turned so that now her back was against the wall; her legs forced apart, her back arching as her bra was pushed down by the neat hand of the woman she wanted.

It was wanting. It was not supposed to be. Wait. They should have waited but it was too much.

fantasy2They had dressed for him as a joke, a surprise, the clichéd grown up school girls in tartan skirts and stockings sat waiting on his bed. They had not thought it through, they had not spoken to each other about how they felt but when they were there, in his room they forgot all that they should not do.

When he came in this is what he saw.

Two women, one with long brown straight hair that reached almost to her waist, one blonde with curls that fell below her shoulders kissing as though they were all that was in the world. Both had short tartan school girl skirts on, blouses in disarray and stockings that he could see clearly as they stood thigh in between thigh, the blonde had her handunder the other girl’s skirt, reaching for her knickers, the other her hand in the bra of her friend.

He did not speak, no words occurred to him, he saw two adult school girls and his chance. He took both.

He threw his clothes brush on his bed as he passed it on the dresser and was with them in a moment.

It took two steps to reach them and a moment of standing so close that they held out one shaking hand to rest against him but refused to stop, they kissed as though it was all they had dreamed of their whole lives, little whimpers escaped, murmurs of desire that had no words.

So open were they to the wanting it took little to move them to his bed and remove their knickers while they stood, damp little wisps’ of fabric, easily dismissed.

He sat and took them side by side over his left leg, clamping then securely in place with his right. He watched them kiss still, faces to the side, pale skin on his white sheets, hands holding each other in front and the brunette splayed her other hand behind her, the blonde clutching her skirt.

He watched them as he lifted their little skirts. His sigh shook as he tucked them into their waist bands, two bottoms before him, pert and tempting above dark stocking tops, moving a little as they writhed on his thigh.

All he could think was one word, naughty.

At first he spanked lightly, an alternating steady pace that made each girl smile and push harder against his thigh with the foreknowledge of each impact; four cheeks turning a delicate pink, thigh pushing out a little.

As the spanks grew harder each girl gathered small lines on her forehead, consternation but their lips still touched as the sudden exhalation they made sounded like the gasps of hunger they made for each other.

When he stopped he explored each bottom with his hands, they moved for him, opening, backs arching, offering. He pushed the heel of his hand up and over each bottom, central, feeling the invitation and the warmth.

This time he reached back and found the smooth varnished wood of the clothes brush and as he brought it up he tightened his leg down t capture his targets more securely.

fantasy3The struggle he envisioned soon happened. With the opening strike the girls stopped kissing as the first victim cried out in less than a second her friend understood. They turned their faces down towards the bed as they held hands and started to feel the pain. Each hot impact made the recipient struggle. The room was full of sound, his brush made a quiet crack as it slapped each bottom, making it shake and as it did each girl squealed and tried to move away.

He watched the dusky rose turn crimson. He felt the struggles rise and recede as each girl started to accept him, not each other as their path to liberation. He did not spank equally now, no pattern or rhythm. He gave each girl what she could take and what she needed. He watched their faces and felt the tension in their bodies, reading them, orchestrating them.

Their hair mingled as they lay finally, forehead to forehead, with their bottoms swollen and burning and their skirts breaking free – he dropped he brush to the floor and stroked their thighs, a moment of peace.

“Kneel in front of me, on the bed.” The first words he had spoken were obeyed as the girls presented themselves. He unzipped his jeans and knelt behind them. They kneeled with their heads down and their bottoms up, the skirts matched the red of their bottoms, the stockings seeming to outline his area of interest, a confirmation, an agreement. He noticed how they had placed their legs, each, without a word or a glance had their knees apart, a welcome for him.

He knelt behind the brunette and placed his hardness in her. He went slowly in, giving her time to adjust to the unusual entrance and listening to her exhale as she accepted him inside her.

A measured pace as he pulled in and out, the tight warmth of her and the warmth of her cheeks as he pushed in making him concentrate on being slow, deep, steady. He reached around and found her, touching her until he felt her jolt in a burst of pleasure that pushed her hard back against him.

Gently he pulled out and kneeled behind the blonde. He could see her arching her back, a sign of a brief loss of submission so he held her cheeks apart making her duck her head down with shame so her bottom was offered to him and entered her with a gentle push.

He held her hips and pulled her against him, knowing how her bum hurt and how this reminded her. Her skirt brushed against his stomach as he pushed in hard, he paused as he watched the brunette find her way down to lie under them both between their legs. He could feel the moment her lips found her friend. The pleasure was so intense, so shocking that she tried to jerk away but to do so forced him deeper inside her. He held her firm rocking in and out, a smooth siding motion. Beneath her, her lover ran her tongue around her folds and when she could stand it no longer kissed her swollen button with an intensity that made her scream and writhe, pushing angst him that held her so firm and hard that he exploded inside her.



8 Responses to “Fantasy: imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained”

  1. 1 MrJ

    Wow! This is so sensually written!

    And there is this important insight on the distinction between quitr and fairness: “He did not spank equally now, no pattern or rhythm. He gave each girl what she could take and what she needed. “

  2. 2 Svetlana

    This is simply beautiful.

  3. 3 Scarlet

    You make me stop and take a breath. You are a confirmation that the earth is carnal, physical, sensual. And so are we. Beautifully written, Miss Indigo.

  4. 4 Richard

    Congratulations on another excellent post

  5. 5 Kia

    Indigo, you do truly write magic. You have a gift for a gentle touch, exploring slowly and softly until suddenly one realises it isn’t gentle at all but has become something else entirely different and wonderful in a whole new way. More magical still is your ability to write fantasies I didn’t know I had until they pop onto my screen. Thank you for another wonderful Wednesday.

  6. 6 cindy2

    Indigo, I can identify so closely with what you write. And you do write magically. I know that when I am sufficiently submissive, I will accept my man in me–in me where he usually does not go. This is a gift for him, and yes it is painful for me, but pain that I willingly accept. It is a further sign of my submissiveness and my love for him It is an acknowledgment of who I am.

  7. HOT!!

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