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Weekly Round-Up


No round-up this week to speak of. I hope everyone is having a happy Easter. Indigo is back at work, so many thanks for all of your best wishes. Having been away (technically as I wrote this in advance I still am) I am a bit behind and will have to prioritise business. Coming up […]

Vintage Sunday


An Easter Dare


This looks like a typical Czech bar and when you think that the Czech Republic has some very interesting Easter spanking traditions one wonders what is going on? Had it not been for the probable Czech setting I would have assumed that this is an undoubted fake, but who knows…? The file name was Easter […]

Donna sat on her bed and watched the daylight flood her coming Saturday. There should have been another word for what she was feeling. Anticipatory and trepidation were two words that didn’t really cover it. There was fear and excitement as well as… she sighed. She felt like a moth to a flame, only to […]

This is an example of how naughty a girl can be and I thought it worth an airing. In the early days of our relationship Indigo was not as used to cornertime as she is now, in fact she hated it. Not that she exactly loves it now. In her words: I am going to […]