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Vintage Sunday


I stumbled across this somewhere and thought now that the weather is warming up it might be a cute seasonal filler.

Donna Warren lay face down on her bed in a state of exhaustion. Her bottom felt like it had been reamed by a telegraph pole and the tight anal bud felt pepper-hot as it positively pulsed with pain. In fact this tender gem sat between two engorged hills of aching soreness and she felt like a tiny […]

Part 1 can be found here. The days past in a haze; just one beautiful desert vista after another. It did not take long before both of them to realise that any pretence that Megan was in search of a story had long since been forgotten. The Sheikh and her adventure had become nothing more […]

The Journal


I am telling you this because I wish someone had told me about it when we started on this. This is a practice that helps us and may help some of you who live this life style. I understand that for some people this would be a terrible idea and those people should give this […]

I have often been told that with a bottom like mine I have to expect to be spanked. That hardly seems fair to me, but then I suppose if I have been naughty then… I mean I usually deserve it when Charlie spanks me and I have had my share of spanking boyfriends. If that […]

Weekly Round-Up


   My foot has rather come off the accelerator pedal lately (auto correct just changed that from paddle – is that an omen?) and output has slowed. I am not going to say too much about that or what’s cooking in case I am tempting fate, but things are picking up here, I even have […]

Vintage Sunday


A spring breeze came up from the meadow and rustled the trees along the edge of the garden. This set a small cascade of white petals to rain onto the lawn like snow. Or at least that was how it seemed to Ruth standing on the terrace at the back of Hedley Hall. She sighed. […]

I am telling this because I think maybe some other girls are on a similar path, maybe they will read this and see their own journey and we can keep each other company on the way. * I got told off the other day, not really told off but that is how it feels for […]