Weekly Round-Up


wr bottom wr Her-Caned-Bottom wr tumblr wr tumblr_nn05hlU2ve1qzaoi0o1_1280 wr bottom-burn wr Capture d’écran 2015-04-27 à 01.39.54 wr spanking position1 anna4mastertumblrwr tumblr_nn9vf7Z3jE1u7bui3o1_400I have been sent not one, but two sorority anecdotes this week, one of them not five minutes before I began writing this post; more on that soon.

I have also managed to misfile several stories and put them temporarily beyond reach. It’s a long story, but it means I may have to rethink the story schedule for the next few weeks. But I was hoping to get my teeth into an original short in any case. That, just as soon as I can think of one: haven’t I done it all now? I rather suspect not.

There is not a lot else to say this week. There is plenty out there but nothing to really direct you to or write about. Everyone is bumbling along being steady, so why not check out the blogroll and see what you can find.

Oh, I just noticed that around midnight last night A Voice in the Corner cranked hit 13 million visits since 2009. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Images this week are from: Abel, the Spanking Blog, Spanking Starlets, Ronnie Soul and Au Fils des jours.

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