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wr FH-ass-red-tara-somerville-500x332 wr SpankedUni2 wr tumblr_mahelwQgY41rfc12eo1_500 wr Caning-Stacy-Stockton wr safehouse_k004For some reason spanking, and censorship reforms have not made the agenda for the UK Election campaigns, which is ironic when you consider that the new laws were only pencilled in on the back of an envelope as a sop to the Tory old guard who needed to be mobilised for doorstep duty.

The trouble with such laws is that they are quickly forgotten by both the ignorant who demand them and the politicians who pass them without consultation, leaving real people with real lives to pick up the pieces. I for one resent being told what I can read, watch or spend my money on, but it was and ever will be thus.

However, I have seen many such attempts to restrict freedom over the years; the statute books are littered with them. Petitions were signed and marches arranged and people even went to hospital. Then laws are passed anyway and are then often quickly forgotten and never enforced. The trouble is one never knows which ones will be and once a law is made, the empowered bureaucrats can use them to supress dissent.

I had a hunch that once the election was over the passion for censorship and the need to keep the bufton-tuftons of the shires quiet would slip away, and so this might prove. Meanwhile someone has to be seen doing something and nasty little scribes are spending public money to sharpen their pencils.

I have always been more concerned about active suppression rather than the passive kind, after all the wheels of tyrants will turn and databases will gather up lives, but there is little more scary than a nasty little government form arriving on the doormat that says ‘we know where you live’ so jump through our hoops and ignore us at your peril.

This has happened to Pandora and who knows who is next. Our sympathies go out to her, let’s hope that the witch hunt has not begun in a new age of terror. It is not that these people can ever win, it is just the pain caused to individuals contending with big Government in the meantime.

Oh well… back to spanking…

You may have noticed that I have, as hoped, finally increased output. There have been a lot of positive responses to the latest Abraham Heights episode, so thank you. I realised that there have only been 10 or so in three or four years and that this small town in America deserves more attention.

If you haven’t been following it, and why would you given the paucity of the production schedule – the Abraham Heights tales are a related series of short stories concerning the same families and characters as they build up the story of one spankocentric town.

It is more a rolling soap than a novel, but I do intend to indulge in some infill that will not all be featured on this blog (although much if not most of it will) to flesh it out as a novel for publication.

There are many other such projects and despite my best efforts not to start new ones before completing them I am managing to overwhelm myself. The desert tale is steaming ahead and I will finish Ad Astra and Sinclair.

As well as AB I would also like to return to Raw, which is perhaps my personal favourite, but time… there’s the thing. If only this were my day job….

I would ask what you wanted but unfortunately the muse does not work that way and highly involved stories like Raw and AB are hard to write – hence the spray of shorts.

Anyway, so we press on…

Kia has written a fairy tale on Acknowledging Imperfection.

Pictures this week are from: Spanking Starlets, Firm Hand Spanking, Scarlet’s Real Magic, All Things Spanking, and About Spanking.

6 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 Ansh

    Angela, poor girl…

  2. 3 Rollin Hand

    Ah, yes. If this were only our day job. I’m right with you on that one, DJ.

  3. 5 Anonymous

    I’ve loved nearly all your stories and think you’re good enough that with the right marketing, you should be able to make this your day job.

    • 6 DJ

      Thank you – maybe one day I will be able to be as good EL James 😉

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