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wr tumblr_inline_nmhmo5TAQ31sqx8vb_250My foot has rather come off the accelerator pedal lately (auto correct just changed that from paddle – is that an omen?) and output has slowed. I am not going to say too much about that or what’s cooking in case I am tempting fate, but things are picking up here, I even have a few little new snippets.

Over Easter Indigo and I slipped away to the country and visited a country house. It was one of those private ones where the local earl was still very much in residence and opens up to the public to pay his tax bill. Apparently the old servants’ areas and kitchens were very much in use up until the early 1970s before a more modern set-up was moved into the family wing.

The reason we found this interesting was that in the corner next to a nice range of pervertable hand brushes was a nursery birch. Indigo even asked in case there was some more innocent use for the modest bundle of rods, but the guide was just as puzzled as Indigo was pretending to be.

I have written before about the reality of spanking and birching maids right up to the Second World War, and this little punitive item not only serves as confirmation but hints at a more recent continuance of this custom. Nor is this the first such find we have chanced upon.

Now on to Spankville.

The latest threat to spanking blogs now comes from Blogspot who have moved against nudity and one or two bloggers are playing a game of wait and see. Rollin moved back in February as some will remember. Whether it happens or not, it seems strange in a time of more mainstream spanking that the Internet is becoming coyer.

Speaking of mainstream spanking Outlander is more than decent in this regard, see the picture from Au Fills des Jours above. I particularly like the scene at breakfast where our fuming heroine can’t sit down.

I was thinking of writing a spanking therapy story but Kia at Acknowledging Imperfection has beat me to it. I include a picture from another post of hers above.

Devlin has a post about tan lines, which is rather fun, sample picture above.

While my attention was elsewhere the Spank Statement had a post on a sponsored spanking event in support of Alan Turing of all people, although this was posted on 1 April, but it looks real enough. There is a movie.

Other images are from: Abel, Scarlet’s Real Magic, RollinRichard Windsor, All Things Spanking, and About Spanking.

2 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 Kia

    I hope you are still planning to write your spanking therapy story (when time and such allows). I’m sure your take would be different and very interesting.

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