An Easter Dare


Easter dareThis looks like a typical Czech bar and when you think that the Czech Republic has some very interesting Easter spanking traditions one wonders what is going on? Had it not been for the probable Czech setting I would have assumed that this is an undoubted fake, but who knows…?

The file name was Easter Dare and it is as good as any seasonal picture for Good Friday. Happy Easter.

9 Responses to “An Easter Dare”

  1. 1 MrJ

    That is a tradition worth some further narration, at occasion.
    Have great holidays. Hope everyone is in better shape, in the home.

  2. Czech Easter spanking traditions? I always learn something new here…

    • 3 andrea

      Yves, us, girl get on monday good spanking from every men, WHO comes to the door. Its believed that the power from willow branches will give food health..

  3. Happy Easter to you and Indigo. Hope she is feeling better.

  4. 5 Rob

    No shadows from the flash
    no one is looking and even the one guy looking – his gaze could be anywhere. A decent fake, but a fake none the less

  5. 6 ffaiirrm

    I’d seen this listed as Slovenian before, but it certainly isn’t fake; there are several pictures about of her serving drinks in the bar after the strip. Sadly, as much as the idea of having people serving while both in a state of undress and with a clearly sore bottom appeals, there was no spanking. But then, must such fun nudity only works if there is a strict no-touching agreement, unless everyone involved is happy with things escalating very quickly.

    • 7 DJ

      thanks for the insight and info – I did think it was a fake 😉

      • 8 ffaiirrm

        See, I wasn’t just being a big meanie when I showed some previous “real life” shots to be fake or posed; I’m just as happy to do the reverse when I can.

        • 9 DJ

          Hi FF I am sure you are not – sometimes it is just all about the image – but real ones do suggest interesting back stories.

          Thanks 🙂

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